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  1. Shotgun Forum
    I've heard so much about how the Mossberg 590 is an improvement over the 500, in particular the "Persuader" model, which I currently have. The one thing I hear about most is that the 590 has a metal trigger guard as opposed to the plastic one on the 500. Well, I went to my local shop yesterday...
  2. Shotgun Forum
    Just bought a new Mossberg 590, and found it doesn't push the shells back into the reciever when I rack it. I unscrewed the magazine cap and saw a floa thing in the muzzle end of the mag, gave it a push and it slid down into the mag and stayed there. Anyone know what's going on with this thing...
  3. Shotgun Forum
    funny thing last night, I brought my new Mossberg 590 SP up from my basement work stage are for some more room to put my new sling on it (got it from Cabelas). Don't know whether I was tired or what, but I could not get the hardware on the sling ends to open up to get them on the eyelets on the...
  4. Shotgun Forum
    a few days ago i picked up a new blued mossy 590 w heat shield. my question is if i can swap barrels with it to get a longer choke compatable bbl for pheasants, clays, and stuff of the sorts, thanks in advance, O
  5. Shotgun Forum
    I was just at Big 5 Sporting goods today, and I saw advertised the Mossberg 590 8-shot with the 20 inch barrel for $249.99. They usually go for $350 - $400 when not on sale here, so I thought I would let you guys know incase you happen to be in the market for one, and have a big five around...
1-5 of 5 Results