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    Here we go again?...
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    Here's the deal. My partner and I own a ranch with cattle, chickens etc. He has his own house with his wife on one end. I want to build my little cabin on the other side of the ranch and be more-or-less off grid. I have researched cost and to have the cabin built I will need approximately...
  4. Financial Forum
    I hope someone can help me. I was pre-approved for a mortgage-money is not the issue. Once the bank found out it was a cottage, the antics began. Its a 20 minute 4x4 drive from a seasonally maintained road. Pristine lake with only 3 owners on it. We plan on keeping it locked down. Cement block...
  5. Financial Forum
    Following is a link to yet another example of the economy swirling the toilet bowl. We as a society have learned nothing. This is wrong on SO many levels.
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    You can find out the current market value of your house by signing up with After you sign up, the service is free. Be sure to opt out of all "newsletters". Every 2-3 years I go there and look at the value of my house. My house held its value until early in 2010, when I suddenly...
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    I just read this op-ed post over at The Daily Capitalist ( This article was written by David Stockman, normally I'm not a huge fan of Stockman as I once worked for him and while he is incredibly intelligent he is very difficult to work for and I watched as he basically...
  8. Financial Forum
    Cashing in 1/2 half of our 401 k will pay off our house. We have no other payments No credit card or car payments. My husband has a strong feeling that if we leave it in the market it will not be there when we retire (20 years from now). He feels its a better investment to pay off the house...
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    So we've discussed here for quite some time building "earth-frindly homes". Log cabins. Monolithic domes. Underground homes. Straw bale homes. Solar homes. Homes made with re-cyclced tires, glass bottles, aluminum drink cans, etc. Now, a straw in the ointment from, guess who? The bankers...
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    Interesting to see how this will work: Name and Shame Reports Begin on Mortgage Servicers Excerpt:
1-10 of 12 Results