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  1. Uses for a SAW pouch?

    Wilderness Survival, Hiking and Camping Forum
    Does anyone have a SAW pouch on their backpack? Some of the readers may be asking, "What is a SAW pouch?" A SAW pouch holds a magazine for a M249 light machine gun - Squad Automatic Weapon. These are good sized MOLLE pouches which fit military packs. I would like something that can attach...
  2. MOLLE sheath for folding knives?

    Wilderness Survival, Hiking and Camping Forum
    Anyone recommend a MOLLE sheath for folding pocket knives? The goal is to carry a good quality knife on the outside of a backpack. I want to outfit all of my packs with a knife. The problem is, some of the packs have limited MOLLE webbing. Once you attach a couple of canteens (one on each...
  3. Compact individual fist aid kit (IFAK) for hiking

    Wilderness Survival, Hiking and Camping Forum
    I have three packs I want to outfit with an IFAK kit. The packs will be used for hiking, maybe an overnight warm weather camping trip. The packs are: Patrol pack Three day assault pack Medium MOLLE I have a condor tactical molle pouch that measures five inches wide, and it seems to fit...
  4. Questions about the medium MOLLE with frame

    Wilderness Survival, Hiking and Camping Forum
    I am watching a military surplus medium MOLLE pack with frame on Ebay. The shoulder straps are wore out and a couple are tore in half. So, I thought about buying the pack and ordering some replacement shoulder straps. The problem is, I am not sure of what the NSN number is for the...
  5. Only One Plate Carrier, My final pick: LBT MAS Grey 6094 Quick Releasable Underway

    Military Weapons Forum
    I originally found this site in a search years ago. You were discussing a Plate Carrier I also had. Yours was setup way differently than all of mine. After finding the lost link to the site and password. I thought some of you would be interested in which Plate Carrier has become my main focus...
  6. Pack for bob

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Hey everyone! I've finally started to solidify the list of contents for my bob. At the beginning I decided to use an old duffel I had laying around for the pack until I knew what I had to store, and then I would figure out what I needed in a bag. I've also tried out a few with different...
  7. Esee 4 Molle back question for other owners.

    Knives, Swords & Axes
    I bought an uncoated Esee 4 awhile back. On the back of the Molle sheath there is a velcro flap at the top. Anybody know what this is for? I am stumped
  8. Load bearing equipment

    Military Weapons Forum
    Hey guys. I know a this is probably not the right section to post this, but with a lot of your military backgrounds, maybe I can get the best answers here. I have a crye plate carrier dressed out, but I want to attach like a 72 hour assault pack to it with quick release clips. I know it's...
  9. Choice on new bag

    Urban Survival
    Okay, so I am looking to purchase a new bag and i am looking at these two at the moment: 1.) 2.) I need a bag that will last but I wouldn't like to excel the price of...
  10. Red Rock Outdoor Gear Rebel Assault Pack

    Reviews & Questions For Vendors
    Greetings, I have been using this pack as my primary hunting bag and a GHB for close to 3 years now and I wanted to share my thoughts with the board. Requirements that I had are a follows; - Must fit my torso length properly - Check - Rugged design that will hold up to abuse - Fail...
  11. ILBE Pack set-up

    Wilderness Survival, Hiking and Camping Forum
    Hi, I have an ILBE Pack that I've used for hiking, and it came with the Assault Pack and hydration system bladder. My question is, how do I properly attach the Assault Pack and bladder to the main pack? And second, if I have a military 3-level sleeping bag (with cold bag, very cold bag, and...
  12. The ALICE thread (discussion, mods and pics)

    Urban Survival
    I recently purchased a Medium LC-1 olivedrab ALICE pack. I was drawn to this bag for its utilitariansim and durability. I have had fun with the bag so far, and it will primarily be a go bag, but I plan on using it for camping and hunting as well. I've seen alot of mods out there improving upon...
  13. survival vest help.

    Wilderness Survival, Hiking and Camping Forum
    Looking to make my own survival vest off of a military tac vest using MESA "Molle Enhanced South African vest" design. cant pick out a good base vest want something padded, light and very durable. this is where I got the Idea/design for what I want to make. need help with what vest to get...
  14. EDC Kit

    Urban Survival
    Hello everyone. As the title of this thread states, I am looking on some information for my EDC when I am back in the US. So, let me explain. I work and live in Baghdad, Iraq for most of the year. I spend 90 days there, then 30 days in the US. Obviously, I have my EDC for my specific duties and...
  15. Alice Vs Molle

    Reviews & Questions For Vendors
    I know, it has been done before, probably a few times, but with recent times and more members, what do you prefer, and why?, pros and cons? I personally have a modified Large A.L.I.C.E pack, i had my wife take off the top three pockets and replace them with four rows of molle webbing along with...
  16. MSS in ILBE

    Wilderness Survival, Hiking and Camping Forum
    I've been debating back and forth for awhile between getting a Helcat and the ILBE, and have decided to go with the ILBE. One of the things I liked about the Helcat but haven't seen addressed with the ILBE is that the Helcat that had a specific pouch for the MSS. I was wondering how everyone...
  17. Any experience with Red Rock Outdoor packs?

    Reviews & Questions For Vendors
    Has anyone had much experience using the MOLLE packs by Red Rock Outdoor Gear? I've been carrying their Rebel 3-day assault pack since last March, and I'm very happy with it. We're thinking of adding them to our store, but I'd love to get some positive feedback from the community before...
  18. ILBE Project

    Wilderness Survival, Hiking and Camping Forum
    I got real lucky. Like I did with my MSS set, I managed to get in on the bidding of an ILBE at the last minute in the wee hours of the morning and scored this one in new condition with a new lid, no stains, no tears, no wear, no names written on it. It's in absolutely great condition in/out...
  19. Hunting / bug out vest

    Reviews & Questions For Vendors
    I'm having a terrible time finding a molle style vest to fit my needs. I want a vest with molle web all around it, I do not want an open back style. I would like one that has a hydration pouch that can hold the longer camelbak style bags like a 2.5 or 3l bag. Doesn't need to come with the...
  20. Camping pouches for molle?

    Wilderness Survival, Hiking and Camping Forum
    I just got a molle vest from condor, and am looking for pouches that will be useful for camping and backpacking. I'm not using it for mags so don't say extra mags. Can mag pouches be used for other things? I'm probably going to put the medkit/emt pouch on my drop leg, but am open to suggestions.