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    For some states and Canada marijuana is now legal so whether medical or not it is legal. Before it was legal here in Canada I had prescription for medical marijuana. It has no DIN so we pay no insurance coverage - yet... but that's another story. I vape my marijuana. Researched 20% to 30%...
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    US Patent #6,630,507, which covers the use of cannabinoids as medication, is owned by the US Gov. Interestingly, it's a patent pertaining to an unlawful activity, since at the time (2003) the possession and/or ingestion of cannabinoids for any purpose whatsoever was a violation of Federal law...
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    My wife was scrolling around in Google Earth. We were shocked at all the grow operations just in our area. 2 years ago, my neighbor stated he made more than $60k by selling to out of state buyers. (no direct knowledge) Our paper recently ran an article on a huge grow operation out of Selma...
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    FRESNO, Calif. - A California man who is authorized to grow marijuana under the state's medical marijuana law has been convicted of fatally shooting a man who was trying to steal his pot. article here. when government are on the thieves' side.