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  1. I Was Completely Wrong About a More Deadly Second Wave

    I was watching Dr Siegle on Fox News today. Turns out the doctors and hospitals in the New York area are reporting less sevier cases of Covid-19. People are still getting the disease, but they are far more likely to recover without issue.
  2. Guy on Another Forum Apologizes to Preppers

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    guy posted on another forum apologizes for doubting preppers exerpt: "Ladies and Gentlemen of the SHTF: I have been totally wrong for many years in my disdain and arrogance for the truth that you were trying to teach us all. We cannot...
  3. What global pandemic?

    Southeast Texas lakes area is packed with boats, camper trailers, RVs, jet skies.. everything under the sun. Just about every truck has something being pulled behind it. Public boat launch at Lake Sam Rayburn was packed all the way out to the road - this was probably close to 100 trucks. I am...
  4. Never Seen This Many People in The Lakes Area

    Southeast Texas has three lakes: Sam Rayburn Dam B aka B. A. Steinhagen Toledo bend - sits on the border between Texas and Louisiana Then there are the people who fish the Angelina and Neches river, like myself. Everyday I see dozens of boats on trailers, ATVs on trailers, boat launches have...
  5. Truly Uncertain Times Ahead

    Even though death and infection rates are slowly decreasing, I feel the worst is yet to come. Maybe not with Coronavirus, but with the economy, foreign trade, relations with other nations, civil liberties... etc. It is as if everything that could go wrong was written on pieces of paper, put...
  6. 100,000+ Dead, Walmart Finally Tells Employees To Wear Mask

    What kind of alternate reality do managers and upper management live in? Europe alone hit 100,000 dead, and the worlds largest retailer finally tells employees to wear mask. Then again, didn't the CDC say wearing mask in public did not help prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Why do companies...
  7. No Acquired Immunity

    Coronavirus It seems that catching it and recovering doesn't mean that your body remembers how to make the antibodies. Even catching the...
  8. Companies not providing employees with PPE

    Why aren't companies providing employees with PPE? If an employee gets sick with Coronavirus, I wonder if workers comp could be held responsible? Even hospitals are not providing nurses with N95 mask. The excuse, the CDC has not recommended medical providers use N95 mask. Went by a big box...
  9. What will we tell our grandkids - lighthearted thread

    What will we tell our grandkids about Coronavirus? I think I will start with the famous black and white documentary by George Romero titled Night of the Living Dead. Once the Coronavirus mutated the zombies were able to run. So the next movie will be Dawn of the Dead (2004). A famous...
  10. People having a terrible time staying at home?

    It appears people are having a bad time staying at home. As in emotional breakdowns, family violence, substance abuse, suicides... etc. What changed in the past several hundred years to cause people to have emotional issues staying home? If we go back a few hundred years people were lucky if...
  11. Anyone "essential" and still working?

    I'm considered essential, thankfully I retire on the 17th and I'm out of that rat hole I used to call work for good. Management revealed that we have 26 + cases at work so far, between 3 facilities in the NYC area. The 3rd in my building, they tried to hide it from the 2nd shift work force...
  12. I Fear the US Is Finished As A Nation...start of a 2nd Dark Age

    This is from the City-Data forum. They banned me years ago. They didn't like some photo I put up there. But that is not the deal. Thrillobyte make some interesting points. No telling how this will all work out. I do know that there is no gaurantee that countries live on in perpetuity. And if the...
  13. Generation Z Reactions

    I believe that it is important to study/observe our youth to help understand the future of our world. This can help us in many areas of life such as running a business or prepping. For those of you with Gen Z children, how have they been responding to the lockdown? What do you think they will be...
  14. Medical Staff Refusing to Work/Quitting

    Coronavirus ITYS. Thanks for getting the previous thread locked when I tried to warn people. Medical staff in the US are not all going to go down with the ship. People need to understand that we're not...
  15. I do not even know where to start - Coronavirus getting serious

    Every time I go to the grocery store, or even go to work, things seem to be getting a more serious. Today on the way home from work I saw people in their vehicle with mask on. Not a big deal but nice to see people wearing them. Stores counting how many people are going in and out. Cars lined...
  16. Bad Orange Man Stole My Supplies!

    LOL, I'm chuckling over the Euros and Canucks crying that Trump is keeping medical supplies at home.
  17. Liberals face gun sale barriers they approved of

    Political News and Discussion
    As Coronavirus continues to spread people who never considered buying a gun are rushing to the gun store to buy a firearm. Then all of a sudden they are faced with the gun sales barriers they wanted put into place. Tim can get long winded on certain topics, but I like his points on this one...
  18. Coronavirus positive lady arrested for leaving apartment

    A Coronavirus positive lady who lives an hours drive south of my location decided to leave her apartment, and was arrested. Since this article was posted on the local newspaper website, I think it has been determined she can be charged with a crime...
  19. Chinese virus

    Saw this this morning. One to keep an eye on to see if it spreads. Hopefully the Chinese don't downplay what is happening. Be interesting to see if similar checks at airports are stepped up around the world. Chinese authorities have...
  20. What Would Chickens Do Without People?

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    This is posted in the Disaster Preparedness General Discussion because this article is for people who may flee to the countryside, or who bug out to the wilderness. Let's say there is some kind of event, such as a new plague and there is a replay of the Black Death. Someone happens upon a farm...