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    A very interesting real world example of private and voluntary local policing in Detroit, MI. Author, historian, political analyst Tom Woods interviews Detroit Threat Management Center founder Dale Brown. Further articles info on the DTMC. After years of poor police response, Motor City...
  2. General Discussion
    I thought some of you might might enjoy some of the free daily podcasts from Tom Woods via: He's a former Conservative now duly recognized as Libertarian. Woods is well educated on constitutional history, theory and law. He speaks highly of the American founders...
  3. Political News and Discussion
    ATTN: Please keep this thread educational by refraining from debate here.The thread for debate is located at Hey everyone, I'm making this thread in an attempt to foster discussion about my "political" philosophy: Voluntaryism AKA...
  4. Political News and Discussion
    Political correctness and cultural marxism in the USA. Socialism = enslavement. Fight for free market capitalism, individualism and limited government. Marxism needs conflict for its agenda. 100 years ago, people didn't run to the government to tell them what their MEDICAL, ECONOMIC or FAMILY...
  5. Political News and Discussion
    Is capitalism the way to go or is capitalism improved with a healthy dose of socialism? There seems to be promising arguments in either direction for how a capitalist society becomes worse or better off with the addition of social programs.
  6. Political News and Discussion
    Whats your thoughts on John Stossel and his show on Fox Business? I love it. I feel its great to see the libertarian view, especially on a news network.
  7. Polls and Surveys
    Should political parties be abolished? Why or why not?
  8. Controversial News and Alternative Politics
    I can't vote for this guy, but great rant Take The Quiz Fired Up
  9. Political News and Discussion
    Check out the Libertarian website to see if you have a Libertarian candidate running in your area. How many times do people have to vote for the two major parties before they realize there is no difference? It took both parties to pass the North American Free Trade...
  10. Political News and Discussion
    For the past 15 years I have voted straight line libertarian party. And this year I will be voting for Bob Barr. If you want real change, and not the smoke in mirrors kind of change promised by obama - then vote third party. You do have a choice. You can vote for real change, or you can vote...