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  1. Arizona
    The interviewer, Greg Medford, is a high end knife designed and bladesmith who lives in AZ. Do You Know What is Happening in Your Schools?
  2. Off Topic Lounge
    University distributes seven-page speech guide And the indoctrination continues. :rolleyes:
  3. Off Topic Lounge
    I see a lot of "hating" on liberals on these forums and then I wonder if it means something different "over there" Over HERE (Denmark) we have the socialists (high taxes, stupid high welfare and gubberment wants to mother everyone... and the liberals who want low taxes, much less welfare and...
  4. Off Topic Lounge
    Portland Principal Claims PB&J Sandwiches Could Hold Racist Connotations Are peanut butter and jelly sandwiches racist? The stupid is starting to hemorrhage in this country.
1-4 of 6 Results