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    I may have the opportunity to become a Sheriff Deputy this summer and I've been thinking long and hard about sidearms. It's the department's policy to carry at least one backup gun in addition to the primary. I plan on carrying my primary (probably a Glock 19) in a strong side holster in both...
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    There have been several threads about fbi and homeland security activily and passively looking for the following. Jihadist White supremacists Survivalist Sovereign Citizens group Eco terrorists Now after reading this story I...
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    take notes on what a good leo is. open carry
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    * 12 pages * Confidential * Law Enforcement Sensitive * March 10, 2010
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    I was not aware of the pressure by LEO and private enterprise in the USA to allow aerial drones and ROV's (remotely operated vehicles) access to American skies. Law enforcement wants them to spy on us from above, catching speeders and criminals of various kinds. Homeland Security wants them to...
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    Anyone else confused and bothered by this story? The New Jersey National Guard regularly uses one of its military helicopters to assist Camden, New Jersey to patrol the streets for law enforcement. I thought unless there is martial law declared (which I don't think is the case in Camden), the...
  7. Controversial News and Alternative Politics;_ylt=Aosro1cDvqzGNyHWg7lEHJDxMJA5;_ylt=Aosro1cDvqzGNyHWg7lEHJDxMJA5 great local cops with access to every ones mail twitter etc. also seen were they are testing cell phone jammers for prisons.
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    Former Okla. sheriff gets 79 years for sex abuse FAIRVIEW, Okla. – A judge has sentenced a former western Oklahoma sheriff to 79 years in prison for sexually abusing female inmates and drug court defendants. Former Custer County Sheriff Mike Burgess was sentenced Tuesday on felony charges that...