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  1. Firearms General Discussion
    Hi all, I'm 18 years old and I've encountered a bit of a problem. If I buy ammunition online (lets say from CTD or J&G) it mentions that a signature from somebody 21 or older is required when it's delivered. I am legally allowed to purchase rifle ammunition in my state. Am I breaking any laws...
  2. Firearms General Discussion Does anyone have this policy from the NRA? Happy with it? My other question is if someone has/had the policy and had to invoke it after a self-defense situations...
  3. Firearms General Discussion Watch this brief video.
  4. Off Topic Lounge
    I will try not to drag this out, but get all the information. I've been working as an assistant/ general manager for a local Italian restaurant for the last 2 years. The owner and I did not see eye to eye on a lot of things, and tensions were slowly rising over several months. Three weeks ago...
  5. Rifle Forum
    I know that a rifle with a barrel of less than 16.5 inches is a SBR. I was looking at the PPS-43C with a folding stock and a 9.5'' barrel. I was wondering, if I was to temporarily remove the stock, would I still need a SBR permit?
  6. Knives, Swords & Axes
    I live in Kentucky, and to my knowledge there's no set 'illegal' blade length for a pocket knife. I know switchblades are illegal or at least heavily frowned upon, but I haven't been able to find anything about balisongs/butterfly knives. I've been into balisong flipping for a while, and...
  7. Urban Survival
    Alright guys. This is a mega grey area. I have had every possible answer so I am crowd sourcing this one. Open carrying of knives in Florida. I have just got my beautiful ESEE-3 in the mail yesterday and am in love. The only problem is I can't find out if/when/where I can wear it (I know...
  8. Looking For - Want To Buy From Vendors
    I am looking to buy a 5-Round AK-47 magazine. I'm willing to pay about 15.00 shipped, negotiable. please PM me with any possibilities.
  9. Military Weapons Forum
    Hi, I am sightly new to the whole survivalist thing. I was wondering what the legal status of assault weapons (i.e. automatic, high clip capacity, ect.) was currently in the US. I read into it a little bit and I was wondering if there were any loop holes to the Federal Assault Weapons Ban...
  10. Manmade and Natural Disasters
    Another reason to avoid the swine flu vaccine. No one will be held legally accountable. More Here:
  11. Urban Survival
    I spent some time living on the streets to see if my gun of choice for urban survival would really prove itself and it did. Before I grabbed a few items and threw them in my pack I set out with my new Marksman 2004 pistol. The manufacturer claims it fires a .177 Caliber at 410fps and I would say...
  12. Non-Lethal Weapons & Self Defense
    Me and my brother will be backpacking in Europe for a month and well be in the following countries: Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Switzerland. My question is, does anyone know the legality of carrying a folding knife for purposes of self defense? Is there a size limit? Do any...
1-12 of 19 Results