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    5 Gallon Bucket Washer 1) 5 Gallon Bucket w/ lid. Hole in center of lid. 2) Clean plunger. Plunger goes inside the bucket with handle sticking up through hole in lid. Churn the clothes with water and soap inside the bucket, using the plunger. You might want to go larger with a garbage can...
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    I am pretty well stocked on the more common seeds, but I do need some HELP! Does anyone have, or know where I can buy some Sugar Cane to plant? Some Uses: Syrup, Rum, While on the subject... kinda ;) here are some plants/seed that may have been over looked: Soap Berry or Soap Nuts: Sapindus...
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    Anyone got a source for a laundry size container that could be used over an open fire? I searched the internet for a large cast iron 3 legged cauldron style pot but couldn’t find anything big enough to hold sheets and blankets. Suggestions? VW