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  1. Knives, Swords & Axes
    Picked up an Ekco clam knife at a flea market. Blade shape looks like a sgian dubh, it has a green plastic handle molded on that I want to remove. Any ideas on how to do it quick and safe? My only idea is to cut it off. You can see little fish cut outs in the tang of the blade, not what I...
  2. Knives, Swords & Axes
    hey guys, a friend gave me a "machete" if that's what you call it. He got it for under 10$ and it is a stainless steel made from china piece of junk! But since im bored and nothing better to do i had an idea to make it alot stronger and maybe if im lucky even a survival worthy knife! The...
  3. Knives, Swords & Axes
    I have a hydraulic paper cutter in my business and two of the blades have been ground down so far that they dont work anymore. These are about 30 inches long and 3.5 to 4 inches wide. The edge is simply an assymetric bevel. Even when dulled by the paper they are extremely sharp and heavy. What...
1-3 of 3 Results