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  1. Financial Forum
    My girlfriend is currently working at a local bank and sees large amounts of change each day. Her manager said he doesn't care if she trades out coins for "collectible coins" she finds as long as the drawer totals out as it is supposed to at the end of the day. So I stuck a couple rolls of...
  2. Financial Forum
    We just spent over $1,000 for some silver coins (90% silver dimes). Got 1,000 of them. Now, I'm reading and see people call that junk silver. Did I just throw my money down the drain? Will these be able to be used if the SHTF?
  3. Financial Forum
    If you are interested in buying some Junk Silver, it is only fair if you know beforehand the exact melt-value of the coin you seek. This is how you go about finding said value: Divide the current spot price per ounce( ) by the exact amount of Troy...
1-3 of 3 Results