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  1. Manmade and Natural Disasters
    "Europe’s Most Violent Supervolcano Nearing Eruption, Magma Source Found Campi Flegrei, a volcanic caldera near Naples has not erupted for more than 500 years, but recent seismic activity in the region has sparked concerns among scientists. As researchers discover a hot zone continuously feeding...
  2. Financial Forum
    Just when Sarkozy is starting his re-election campaign France lost its AAA rating by Standard and Poors. The euro was/is in free fall as other european countries were also down graded. Italy, Spain, Cyprus and Portugal. With a 30 per cent possibility of further downgrades. There is also a...
  3. Financial Forum
    Wonder if this has anyhting to do with China bailing Italy out ...
  4. Off Topic Lounge
    Italy cracks down on illegal immigrants, landlords
1-4 of 9 Results