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  1. Manmade and Natural Disasters French President Emmanuel Macron has condemned the beheading of more than 50 people in northern Mozambique's Cabo Delgado province by attackers linked to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). "More...
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    At Least 184 Dead, 120+ Wounded in Egypt Mosque Attack I don't see how they will ever convince the western world that they are the religion of peace. :xeye:
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    the government of China is cracking down on ethnics and muslims in the western part of the nation; islamofascists are threatening bloodshed. ***Thousands of troops have poured on to the streets of one of west China’s most important cities for the second time in just over a week, as a senior...
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    What does the election of Donald Trump mean to preppers? It means there is a lot of good stuff in the future. End free trade and bring our jobs back from China. Let China know we will no longer bow to them. Restore relations with Russia. Restore good relations with Britain. President...
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    80 Per Cent Of Swedish Police Consider Quitting Over Migrant Danger Sweden may be descending into a crisis as a new report suggests 80 per cent of police officers are considering switching careers due to the danger they face in the field. Hey Speedy how's that multiculturalism working out for...
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    Tell us something we do not know. We have already seen how many terrorist slip right through the safety nets? Didn't the boston bombers go to Russia or the middle east...
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    IS jihadists kidnap 90 Christians in Syria IS has destroyed churches and Christian shrines in Syria, and demanded that Christians living under its rule pay a tax known as jizya. And the plague that is Islam continues. 1200 years and counting following their prophet.
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  9. General Discussion Obama can go pound sand.
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    Now that the last bomber has been caught alive, now what? Since the bombers are mulsim, will there be a backlash against people from the middle east? Will the public demand aid to the middle east stop? Since one of the victims was chinese, how will this affect china-USA relations? Can we...
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    Iran Cleric Pummeled by ‘Badly Covered’ Woman After Warning Bahahahahahahahahaha Iranian "Cleric" tells woman that she is "badly covered" and should "Cover up"... She tells him to cover his eyes... he tells her again and she kicks the shat out of him and puts him in the hospital for 3 days...
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    By GBTV, you might want to investigate their platform.! Those of you want to cite whether the source is controversial: Keep in mind that ALL of our news is from one entertainment company or another. :rolleyes:
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    Is Iran an offensive threat to our way of life?
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    Before we begin, I support the right of every person to worship whatever GOD they wish, as long as they do not try to force their beliefs on me and my family. There have been rumors going around that certain extreme muslim communities expected obama to help shuttle sharia law into the USA. Its...
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    The following is an excerpt of former Pakistani president Musharraf's opinion on the causes of Islamic religious extremism in Pakistan and how it may be best addressed. These are 5 good points he makes, in my opinion. "In the final analysis Pakistan also has to look inwards to resolve its...
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    Check it out, good information in here......If you are able to move past superficial details, ideological differences, and labels, if not don't waste your time or mine. Thanks. Why the Banksters Hate Islam (And everything Old World) March 3, 2011 via: Tony Cartalucci...
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    All I have to say is HOLY FRICKIN' CRAP!!!!
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    The "good news" is that president Barack Hussein Obama has stated that "we will spare no effort in finding out how this happened...." Here, let me save you all of the effort... Another "devout" muslim acted on the call for jihad which quite obviously is considered the "duty" of all "devout"...
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    ... because this might get gooooood. :) You see, it appears that there is going to be a rather large contingent of British Muslims coming to America in March to organize a rally, a protest if you will, at the gates of the White House. Have you heard about this guy, these guys, they are...
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    Obama's security dog named "Khan," Muslims outraged, issue threats, demand apology Khan isn't even an Islamic name as it predates Islam. Does anything not insult the religion of peace? Idiots that live on the earth.