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  1. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    With the recent escalation of tensions between Iran and the United States I found myself thinking about stuff outside my normal train of thought. First, I found myself thinking about my firearms and ammo stockpile more than I normally do. During a normal month I think about firearms and...
  2. Manmade and Natural Disasters
    Perhaps humanity is entering an age, or era, or reckoning. Our greed and ignorance has pushed nations to the edge of war for too long. After all we are not a peaceful species as our ancestors hunted mammoths with tamed wolves and a spear. We long for the adventure of the hunt, yet we have...
  3. Off Topic Lounge
    This one got derailed to political stuff and moved to the General-General section. If you want crisis updates and discussions of the survival aspects of US-Iran Warfare go to the disaster forum:
  4. Manmade and Natural Disasters I doubt they will follow through, but this Iran thing has a way of becoming more "interesting" every week or so.
  5. Manmade and Natural Disasters
    The world seems to be in a tizzy about the US and Iran. In all honesty, this has been a long time coming. This issue goes back to at least the 1970s when the Shaw was overthrown. Then there was the hostage situation. Make matters worse Obama eased sanctions on Iran. I just do not know what...
  6. Off Topic Lounge
    Iran says it has control of Gulf and Strait of Hormuz Well it could get interesting.
  7. Off Topic Lounge
    so this news report states that Israeli F-35s flew over Iran, and its nuclear sites, undetected. ***The report states that the two fighter jets, among the most advanced in the world, circled at high altitude...
  8. Manmade and Natural Disasters
    Paid for through oil money. Iran has started shipping oil to Europe, and has contracts with Russia and China. Between Russia and China alone Iran is exporting close...
  9. Off Topic Lounge
    Just watching it right now on the news, a deal has been reached with Iran.
  10. Manmade and Natural Disasters
    Israel was was the first to sound off a few days ago about the nuclear deal with Iran being kept secret. Obama is slapping Israel in the face by keeping the terms secret. Now, Saudi Arabia has chimed in saying they will not waste time matching Irans nuclear capabilities. In other words Saudi...
  11. Off Topic Lounge
    Iran moves ships close to US Border
  12. Manmade and Natural Disasters
    Is this just political posturing, or is it real? Iran has agreed to scale back its nuclear program. This is my personal opinion, but iran scaling back its nuclear program is a lie. Anything and everything obama...
  13. Manmade and Natural Disasters
    Seems Iran has reached a point where they are unstoppable. If Israel or the united States attacked a plutonium facility, we could be looking at another Chernobyl. We have waited too long, and have allowed Irans nuclear research to reach a point where conventional weapons are of no use...
  14. Off Topic Lounge
    Qaher F313: Iran unveils home-made 'stealth' fighter Well it's nice to see just how well those sanctions are working. :rolleyes: Instead of relying on western technology and sales for fighter aircraft and parts the Iranians get busy and build their own. Like they say necessity is the mother...
1-14 of 67 Results