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  1. Financial Forum
    Stay in? Or get out? What are you going to do with your retirement?
  2. Financial Forum
    Have you ever had the feeling that all is not right with your stock or 401K investments? Over the years and now decades I have seen mine grow painfully slow, only for all of my gains to be washed away due to some giant fluctuation in the stock market. Then I wait and contribute, and hope and...
  3. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    I want to invest a few thousand. Whats the best source of investment possible within the US? Are US savings bonds insured or reccorded incase you lose them? I want a source of light weight material (gold, silber, etc) that is good around the world in current and collapsed economic systems...
  4. Financial Forum
    current report from NIA spells it out. This is no recession, we are in shtf full inflation and reading this will help some understand what is happening right here in the USA, let alone the rest of the world. get your stuff together, soon you won't be able to buy much...
  5. Financial Forum
    Recently, I have been pondering the idea of the act of investing in precious gems. More specifically, Emeralds, Sapphires, and Rubies. My inquiry is whether or not, gemstones would be of value WTSHTF. So far I have concocted and formulated the following positive:thumb: and negative:mad...
  6. Urban Survival
    When one has investments (as in CD, IRA, mutual funds, etc), saving accounts, checking accounts and the financial/banking system is about to collapse... When would it be the time to get these out for your survival? is it even safe to get this money out or is it better not to touch it? I have...
1-6 of 6 Results