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  1. Financial Forum
    Starting form January 1st 2022 to January 1st 2023 counting all factors what do you think the real inflation number was?
  2. Polls and Surveys
    Cutting back on living large, prepping or just living? Has inflation hit your lifestyle in a negative way?
  3. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    What areas of preps haven't been hit much by inflation? Have you been priced out of certain preps / brands due to inflation?
  4. Financial Forum
    All this inflation / turmoil and not much happening with metals. Have metals decoupled as an inflation / turmoil hedge?
  5. Financial Forum
    It's scary that the majority of people are unaware of the risk in holding onto fiat. Hyperinflation is coming. Not financial advice, you do you. Michael Burry, the man who got rich predicting the 2008 financial crisis, warned us all in a tweet of potential Weimar Germany like inflation. Then...
  6. Vehicles, Transportation, & Overlanding
    What is the price of gas where you live? Include a picture if you can. It's almost $3/ gallon in southeastern Pennsylvania. The national average price of gas in the U.S. has risen 20.8% since the end of January. It’s on track to hit an average of $3 per gallon this week. I wonder what...
  7. Food and water
    I couldn't believe it. My favorite was the 25 pounds, assorted types including rice for $150. I have just taken it for granted because my Walmart has been OK but WTF?
  8. Off Topic Lounge "Grimes and her children are among the estimated 49 million Americans who have limited — or uncertain — access to enough food to meet their daily needs. The numbers of people living in such...
  9. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    May I suggest an alternate form of "PMs" ..better than silver or Gold ? Precious Medicines instead of Precious Metals during SHTF,, I think a portable and most valuable currency would be antibiotics and pain killers Woman's child has a bacterial lung infection ? Guy has a cavity down to the...
  10. Financial Forum
    I was asking myself some questions today about the amount of money in circulation and what kind of effect that has been having on the national and world economy. What I saw was a familiar pattern, exponential growth, in both the amount of money circulating worldwide, and in the population. I...
  11. Farming, Gardening & Homesteading
    Regarding peanuts and the current heat wave this summer, does anyone know if drought conditions are forecast for the US peanut growing regions? I would like to have some info on whether peanut butter prices are predicted to double again this year. Thanks. CSM101
  12. Financial Forum
  13. Financial Forum
    Link from Interesting (long) read. Wub
  14. Military Weapons Forum
    Even WASR-10s are over $400 these days. Late 1980s Russian AKs were $79 with wood stock, and $99 for a folding stock. Wish I would have bought a case of them.
  15. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    In October I got a quote for shop consumables from one of the big name supply companies. I called yesterday to place a order based on the quote. Prices on plasma torch consumables were up several dollars for each part. Plasma torches have several parts in the torch tip that burn out at...
  16. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    This is just my opinion on the issue, if you agree fine, if you disagree fine, but I would like you to post your opinion either way. For those of you that have not been paying attention and voting for the same two parties over and over, I blame you for what you are about to read. The two party...
  17. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Found this little fun fact, something to look forward to if the S hits the fan. During the American revolution, inflation was so great that the price of corn rose 10,000%, the price of wheat 14,000%, the price of flour 15,000%, and the price of beef 33,000%.
  18. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Time to buy your last remaining preps. I just read a USA Today article about rising prices and what they predict will rise rapidly over the next couple of months. Very interesting. We already see it in many things such as rice, wheat, corn, silver, gold and gas The article is called; "That's...
1-19 of 46 Results