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    WHAT COULD POSSIBLY BE WRONG? The UN declaration on “Human Rights” . . . . . . If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of Creator endowed rights and the Republican Form of government, the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights appears to be benign and desirable. However, if you comprehend the...
  2. Political News and Discussion
  3. Political News and Discussion
    The American Creed We, the people of the United States of America, recognize that we are endowed by our Creator [1] with the birthright to absolutely own our selves, the fruits of our labor, and exercise liberty, upon our private property and upon public ways [2]. And that we have given passive...
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    234 years ago, a group of common men, and some not so common, declared that they would not go willingly into servitude; and started this great experiment of the American Republic. For their trouble, they were killed by the thousands, wounded butchered, homes and crops burned, bankrupted and...
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    Hi Guys, First time poster so flame the heck out of me if this has been discussed to death and I just didn't see it. Basically the internet was built to keep the US government's information network up after a nuclear attack. Redundancy was it's main aim. What I understand of the internet is...
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    A tribute video to the Revlution that started it A reading of the Declaration of Independence , magnificent by M. Freeman
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    Declaration of Independence