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  1. General Discussion
    OK. The Southern Border of the USA is wide open. This is not a problem. It is all in how you look at the open border. I hereby invite tens of millions of Europeans of every kind(Austrian, Irish, English, Hungarian, German, Polish, French, ...), Australians, Afrikaners, to come to the USA...
  2. General Discussion
    The European Union is pounding more nails in the coffins of European countries. I find it hard to watch the self-imposed destruction of Europe, its people, and its history. Commission: EU Too White, Mass Third World Migration Must Be ‘New Norm’ The people running the EU have got to be...
  3. General Discussion
    Chain Migration Makes Up 70% of Legal Immigration So 70% of immigration is by extended family of previous immigrated individuals. :xeye: I knew family members were being allowed but not to the tune of 70%.
  4. General Discussion
    Obama: It’s ‘Inevitable’ That America Is Getting ‘Browner’ [VIDEO] Well yeah otard!!! We have a southern border that is by all definitions porous and that due to your policies. You have bused illegal immigrants all over the U.S. and largely to red states whether those states accepted them...
  5. General Discussion
    Bill Clinton's State of the Union Address (January 24, 1995) Just goes to prove politicians will say just about anything.
  6. General Discussion
    we used to get our milk in bottles, pasteurized, but not homogenized (in fact , in high school, my brother and I alternate days getting up very early and riding the milk truck with the milk man to carry the bottles to peoples front doors,, as the milk man was a very handsome young fellow,, and a...
  7. General Discussion
    Do you want your nations population to increase or decrease? Reason I ask is because politicians here want to double our nations population in the next 20-30 years. I'm not sure why I'd want to live in such a crowded country though.
  8. Financial Forum
    Why you are unemployed... I might point out nobody in India faces the kind of winter which is common around here...I graduated from Michigan State University... (
1-8 of 31 Results