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  1. General Discussion
    The Communist Dems are now planning to slide amnesty for millions of illegals into the budget reconciliation bill. If they are successful, it will truly mean the end of America. How can we stop this??? Democrat Lawmaker: No Spending Package Without Amnesty for Illegals
  2. General Discussion
    "An Army Of Illegal Aliens Is Marching On America" "Mexico aids Easter invasion of over 1,000 illegals into US"...
  3. General Discussion
    I just ran across a statement from a progressive that may give insight into liberal thinking. This is part of a conversation between a friend of mine and the progressive about illegal aliens, voting, drivers license, etc: The "worth of all people" is an official core value of the faith...
  4. General Discussion
    Obama: It’s ‘Inevitable’ That America Is Getting ‘Browner’ [VIDEO] Well yeah otard!!! We have a southern border that is by all definitions porous and that due to your policies. You have bused illegal immigrants all over the U.S. and largely to red states whether those states accepted them...
  5. General Discussion
    ‘Non-citizen’ arrested for voting five times in Texas Nope there isn't any illegal voting in this election. She voted 5 times and is here legally as she is the wife of an American citizen. I just wonder what percentage of the vote tally will be fraudulent. :(
  6. General Discussion
    Apparently if you call a person in this country illegally an illegal you are a racist. Apparently, as well, freedom of the press is fine as long as illegals don't like your story. Seems to me there were some illegals in France that never heard of freedom of the press either...
  7. General Discussion
    Just head on over to the White House facebook page and start reading the comments. You'll know why our country is in such bad shape. Most people haven't a clue about punctuation, spelling or how to have a coherent thought. The crap they are saying (both sides) is just full of lies and...
  8. General Discussion
    Finally hit on the real reason the President created the Border Crisis. His intention is to import more poverty!! Poverty is the Democrat base for pandering and control. :eek:
  9. General Discussion
    Last year a few acquaintances of mine made a trip to McAllen and out to Falcon Lake. Some of you might remember the photos. Long story short, things are getting worse and worse out there, with no end in sight. The couple I speak to that like in McAllen says the Zetas own that town, but onto the...
  10. General Discussion
    NOGALES, Ariz. -- A U.S. Border Patrol agent was killed during an exchange of gunfire between agents and several armed individuals near the Arizona-Mexico border Tuesday night. FBI Special Agent Manuel J. Johnson said four individuals were in custody, including one who was taken to a hospital...
  11. General Discussion
    You might remember a few months ago my bringing up some information about a big militia operation in Vekol Valley, Arizona in order to take down some mules and coyotes. Operation Harvest is still going on until some time in December. They have a professional reporter with them making a film...
  12. General Discussion
    Let's talk about the $1800 estimated worth of front-end damage to my car that I HAVE TO PAY OUT-OF-POCKET because of an irresponsible illegal border crosser. My insurance policy doesn't cover uninsured motorists.. Yeah, call me cheap for not getting the extra coverage, but i hadn't anticipated...
1-12 of 17 Results