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  1. General Discussion
    Obama Releases 220 Illegal Alien Kids PER DAY This leaves little room to doubt what this administration has been up to and is continuing.
  2. General Discussion
    The number of Mexican illegal immigrants is starting to decline, according to this MSN article: But that doesn't mean illegal immigration is declining. The article says that it is now...
  3. General Discussion
    Last year, a number of Northwest Ohio IHOP restaurants were raided by federal agents, with seizures of records by the truckload. The main owner of the restaurants had also been questioned and released just after the 911 attacks. It seems that he was up to no good after all...
  4. General Discussion
    Mexico, several other countries seek to halt Georgia's new anti-illegal immigration law The Anti-Defamation League, Mexico and the governments of several Central and South American countries filed court papers Wednesday in support of efforts to halt Georgia’s tough new immigration enforcement...
  5. General Discussion
    New Study Finds 57% of Immigrant Households with Children Use Welfare Tuesday, April 5, 2011, 11:05 AM EDT - posted on NumbersUSA A new study from the Center of Immigration Studies shows that 57% of households headed by an immigrant with children under the age of 18 receive some form of...
  6. General Discussion
    Wow! What a scam that is! Coming in as a tourist and then having your baby in California so they become a citizen. Yeesh!
  7. General Discussion
    if terrorist's find out they can cross the border like illegals do theres no way our government can stop them and no one has the balls to do any thing:eek:
  8. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    I have 2 words for California: Illegal Immigration! > This is the state whose major cities have all voted to boycott arizona over our new illegal immigrant law. California has at least 5 million...
  9. General Discussion
    In the absence of a meaningful response to illegal immigration over the last decade by the federal government, Arizona Governor, Jan Brewer has acted decisively and in the best interest of the Republic. Please read the following Baltimore Sun, Opinion-Editorial on the matter for a very...
1-9 of 25 Results