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  1. Foraging Wildlife Food Plots - Video

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Does everyone know what a wildlife food plot is? If not, it is a food plot hunters plant to attract wildlife, especially deer. Bags of wildlife food plot seeds are typically sold in the big box mart stores before hunting season. The bags typically contain stuff like turnips, beans, peas...
  2. For Those Curious About Airgun Terminal Ballistics

    Firearms General Discussion
    All shots are at 50 yards into clay: The above 2 pictures are of a .308 airgun bullet wound channel fired at a muzzle velocity of 950fps and impacting the clay at 50 yards. Complete pass thru and got caught in a second block of clay behind the first big block. I also tried firing them...
  3. Let's play a game: Pick the firearms for my hunting / camping trip

    Hunting and Trapping General Discussion
    Planning a hunting / camping trip on some public hunting lands on a local river. Area is a mix of pine, oak, sweet gum... etc. Will be hunting small and medium sized game. This means rabbit, squirrel, deer, and wild pigs. Pick two guns for my trip: Remington 700 bolt action in 280...
  4. Planting a Wildlife Food Plot With Culled Seeds

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Since this covers several topics, the article and video are being posted in the general preparedness section. While stockpiling seeds for a SHTF / Doomsday survival garden I recommend testing various seeds every few years. Take a selection of seeds out of the freezer and germinate them. What...
  5. Michigan Deer Alert

    Wilderness Survival, Hiking and Camping Forum Deer are being found infected with Bovine Tubercoulosis ***As of July 2017, about 900 of the estimated 230,000 deer tested in the state were positive for bovine tuberculosis, a...
  6. My Labrador has a had an Epiphany

    Hunting and Trapping General Discussion
    Hello interneteers. This past week I have had a great "awakening," I guess you could say. Or more precisely, my dog did. I have a two year old Lab/collie that is "my baby." She sleeps on my pillow, rides in the front seat of the truck, always gets a bit of my food, etc. But, she is a...
  7. Anyone ever try hunting turkey with a HD shotgun?

    Hunting and Trapping General Discussion
    Turkey season starts in two weeks for us Californians. This year I'm thinking about trying to use my Maverick 88 Security shotgun, since the new laws say lead free shot only, ruling out my old 20 gauge. Why it is impossible to find lead free 2 3/4" 20 gauge I don't know, but there is no...
  8. $1-$2 Hunting Season Safety Collars for Dogs

    DIY - Do It Yourself
    Hunting season has arrived and everyone around here is keeping a close eye on their dogs. Was at the feed store and they had beautiful orange safety collars for $9-$10 bucks. Instead of spending 50+ bucks on five new store bought collars, I ordered supplies for $10.86 online and have enough...
  9. Best Snare wire?

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Hi All, Am not an electrician, so the wire gauges is a bit like Greek to me. :xeye: What is the best type and gauge of wire to get for snare wire? Am looking at snare wire for small game like rabbits. Thanks in advance for the help.
  10. Hollow point vs Soft Point?

    Hunting and Trapping General Discussion
    So what's the consensus on hunting with hollow points as opposed to soft points? Disregarding legality in some states or locations, is it effective to use? I'm looking to invest in some more non-milsurp ammo for my K31s, specifically to use in deer hunting come deer and rifle season. Hollow...
  11. Another tool for suvival

    General Discussion
    I could have place this comment in the financial section just as easily as first aid but I decided on general knowledge because this could affect almost anyone. I wear hearing aids because of my age and failing hearing. I have completed a hearing test that shows I have clear levels of hearing...
  12. Catching a Cuckoo (Dove) with simple trap.

    Hunting and Trapping General Discussion
    Hi all, I'm again to share you the way people catch the Cooku (dove). The cuckoo is a common bird in much of Asia, such as: Vietnam, Combodia, Thailand... Watching video here: Awesome best bird trap catching Dove Live Bird ------------------------------------------ Like and Subscribe for more...
  13. Pellet Rifle Myths.

    Firearms General Discussion
    There are unfortunately a number of common myths about pellet rifles, some of which are dangerous, some are just misinformation. This is my attempt to dispel a few of these myths. Unfortunately air guns are a topic that is not very well covered, every other aspect of survival and prepping is...
  14. Pellet Guns for Getting Food.

    Firearms General Discussion
    Allow me to preface this by saying: If you are able to keep a good mid caliber Firearm rifle for self and group defense, this is important. I am living a survival situation now, having zero income for a while. In getting meet on the dinner table I have found that the pellet guns are quit...
  15. Hunters the best at wilderness survival?

    Wilderness Survival, Hiking and Camping Forum
    Who else spends more time at risk of a true wilderness survival scenario? Are hunters inherently the best wilderness survivalists?
  16. Maverick HS-12 For Hunting and Survival

    Shotgun Forum
    So I recently bought a Mossberg HS12 shotgun and I wanted to share my experience with it so far and the reason I went this direction. I was using an H&R single shot for hunting small game. The model I have is a 162 which has a front blade sight and a rear fold down sight similar to the setup...
  17. Equipment Update.

    Australia and New Zealand
    Just thought I would post my equipment update. Nothing much has changed, I am sure by now most of you will know my preference for sustainable equipment & methods rather than modern gadgets. This is my new original 18th century fire steel. As you can see, it has been well used over the past 300...
  18. .308 Win vs .308 Rem

    Firearms General Discussion
    I'm looking to pick up a pair off rifles, preferably in .308 Rem... Three first is the LOADED M1A. The second is the Remington 700, which seems to only come in .308 Win.. What is the actual difference between the two, besides manufacturer? My first thought is that it has to do with the NATO...
  19. Turkey Shooting setup

    Rifle Forum
    Going Turkey hunting in a few weeks on my brother's property. I'll probably load up with CCI Velocitors. I'm assuming for turkey hunting, head shots are preferred? The rifle I'll be bringing is a Sig 522. Anything wrong with my rifle choice or am I good to go? :cool:
  20. Hunting buddies

    Hey there, I'm new to Oregon, living in Eugene and wondering if there's anyone out there who'd want to go hunting with me this year? I don't really know the land, as I just got here a month ago, hoping maybe someone wouldn't mind some company if you're going out anyway. I can travel, and have...