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    In this article I hope to talk about how my chickens are doing in the winter time. All of the hens were bought as chicks within two weeks of each other. The first chickens were bought on the last weekend of February 2012, the next batch were bought the first week of March. The final batch were...
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    I'm a newbie to this forum and also a newbie to preparedness and homesteading. This is the first year we have had chickens and I'm learning a lot on another site called But, I was wondering, what do you do if for some reason you cannot obtain or cannot afford chicken feed...
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    I searched and didn't find any threads dedicated to cattle, so here it is. This is for anyone wants to ask questions, share knowledge, share links, post photos of your cattle, or share interesting or funny stories. There may be only few members on SB that are into cattle, dairy or beef, but I...
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    Hello, I am looking to plant a fig tree in my yard but I cannot seem to find anyone that carryings seedlings for them. Can anyone form N. Texas direct me to a nursery that has fig trees? Also, I am considering a peach or a pear tree. How long after planting until it begins to produce fruit?