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hk 91
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  1. Military Weapons Forum
    I took the PTR GI to the range yesterday and did some offhand shooting while standing unsupported and prone. I was also function testing the 20 magazines I bought from Cheaper Than Dirt, so I loaded several of them with 2-3 rounds at first to make certain they'd feed and such. Here's the first...
  2. Military Weapons Forum
    15 HK G3 magazines at $1.97 each!!!
  3. Military Weapons Forum
    I made another thread on the MSR a few days ago, but there's some new models coming out aswell, several aimed at the mil-spec purist perspective, a couple SBRs, and of course, my favorite thus far, the MSR. Also, it is confirmed that PTR has redisgined the PTR32 in 7.62x39 soviet. It will...
  4. Military Weapons Forum
    :D: This is a brand spanking new product improved Russian Dragunov. These are quite probably superior in accuracy to the original military issue dragunov. These are 7.62x54 guys!:D:
  5. Military Weapons Forum
    My question is certainly one that's been asked before, however the search function is weak and I didn't find it by flipping back a page or two. So bear with me... What is an inexpensive, legitimate option for a MBR(main battle rifle) that is NOT an AR? At this point in my life a 1300 dollar...
  6. Military Weapons Forum
    If your ONLY two choices for a personal AR/MBR (gotta cover your bases for the nit-pickers) were the Armalite AR-10 16" Carbine or the PTR91 Squad Carbine 16" which would you choose and what would be your decision factors?
  7. Military Weapons Forum
    I'm really looking for a SHTF durable battle rifle. Preferably a G3 model. I started digging around and found the PTR-91 GI, with a mil-spec chamber for proper feeding/function. Anyone have any experience with them before I commit to buying one?
  8. Military Weapons Forum
    Ok, so for the past few years my MBR has been a converted saiga 7.62x39. Which in it's own right isn't a bad thing at all. I love AK's. The design just works. All be it a some what stolen design. I am pretty hardcore into weapons history. So seeing where all modern select fire magazine fed...
  9. Military Weapons Forum
    I'm currently trying to decide on a MBR. Initially .308 was the only caliber I considered, and from there it was the typical M1A, FAL, PTR, Saiga debate. Now I'm backtracking a bit and wondering if 7.62x54R might offer some more options. My initial budget is limited to $1000, and I had been...
  10. Military Weapons Forum
    This is actually a repost from another militaryfirearm forums, but those guys are heavily biased towards the CETME, and I wanted to see what a different group (and from the forum posts I have read here, I think it is more PTR favored) had to say: -------- PTR-91 GI ($900) vs CETME ($500). What...
  11. Military Weapons Forum
    So, I was quoted today for two different PTR 91's. The squad/scout version with a top rail and a railed handguard for 1399, and the same version without the two rails on it for 1199. I've never bought a PTR before but this seems a little pricey. I think i could swing it right now, but was...
  12. Military Weapons Forum
    Thinking real hard about adding one of these to our battery, to those of you that own one how are they? How about mags, aluminum or steel? I'm an AK guy but we need to add a longer reaching auto to our loadout and this one fits the bill.
  13. Military Weapons Forum
    What is the cheapest semi-automatic 7.62x51 rifle with a QD magazine that is suitable for combat? I've looked into the Springfield M1A(M14) but the price ($1500) is just too much. I've also looked at the AR-10 (and Panther Arms version) since I'm very familiar with the M-16, but it's similarly...
  14. Military Weapons Forum
    I was thinking of getting a PTR91 GI/F. From what I can tell the flutes are less pronounced in the F models, and prevent the use of tar sealed ammo, but the F model is said to be more actuate. I have a DMR - both the FNAR and KAC SR-15 (yea 5.56 doesn't really count), and a CQB - SOCOM-II...
  15. Military Weapons Forum
    Hi all-- I'm a newbie so let me apologize up front if something about my question is stupid. And thanks --- I've learned a ton from you guys thus far. After alot of debate, and guidance from some of the posts here on PTR 91's, I've decided to get a PTR 91. My question is which model would...
  16. Military Weapons Forum
    Hey all, I'm currently looking to purchase a 308 cal rifle, I currently already have a long range rifle capable of 800M engagements, (Rem 700 Police tactical) I also own an AR- (carbine) set up just like an M4. I'm planing on building a mini-SASS in 5.56. so i will have 2. However I'm...
  17. Military Weapons Forum
    My current "do everything" 308 rifle is a Winchester SXAR (civvy looking version of the FNAR). It's a sweet shooting rifle with a wonderful trigger and so far eats everything i shoot. I'm considering selling it and getting a new GI PTR91. Reason 1. The SXAR has no decent mounting option...
1-20 of 26 Results