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    Why does Hi-Point have a bad reputation? Never having owned a Hi-Point I have no first hand experience. The people who own a H-Point seem to like them. There are numerous good reviews out there. For example, James from The Firearm Blog did a review of a Hi-Point handgun. During the review...
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    This looks like it would be the perfect choice for campers, hikers, fishermen or anyone looking for a lightweight rimfire handgun (22.8 ounces) MSRP of $469 is kind of steep.. I'm sure it will be available for much cheaper than that...
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    This is my first question and it may be a waste of time but I have a new in the box never fired 995 carbine (not the ts) and 2 boxes of ammo. I would rather have a couple of mosins. I am thinking the next gun show I go to in Columbia SC I will try to trade the 995 for a couple does this seem...
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    hi point carbine i dont know how to put pics up but it looks like a good gun.does anyone own
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    Are these worth checking out or just junk? Anybody own one? If so, how is handling, accuracy and durability? Thanks.