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  1. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Hi All, There are many awesome idea out there for neat preparedness/survival hacks. What are yours?? Am particularly interested in hearing from you folks that have come up with your own ingenious ideas from your own real life situation. Have read about many such hacks over the years and I...
  2. Wilderness Survival, Hiking and Camping Forum
    This one looks interesting, any other ideas for camping, preps, survival and re-purposing? Number 2 and 3 were discussed on this thread Have at it and Enjoy!
  3. DIY - Do It Yourself
    Secret Source of Hidden Electricity already in your home! The following link is to a YouTube channel for a guy who has some pretty ingenious hacks and tricks that are both easy and inexpensive. For a general power outage, this seems pretty smart and would allow you to keep your batteries...
1-3 of 3 Results