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  1. Reloading Data for SHTF Handloads - Post Your Loads!

    Firearms General Discussion
    I know I'm not the only guy who like to squirrel away some good handloads for the big day. Trouble is, typical commercial +p type load data is almost never listed by manufactures. This is most common with handgun calibers. What loads have you worked up for your firearms for your SHTF stash? I am...
  2. NPR reports on the recent explosion of gun sales

    General Discussion NPR looks into why guns are flying off the shelf and speculates as to racist motives for buying guns among other reasons for the explosion in gun sales. Short 4 min audio.
  3. Video of My Ammo Stash

    Firearms General Discussion
    I finally pulled almost all of my ammo cans to refresh the desiccant and organize. Shot a quick video of what I've put back. Enjoy!
  4. 1888 Sodbuster that was proud of his guns

    General Discussion
    Like the title sez and don't miss the gun on the roof. them sodbusters!
  5. Pet fox?

    General Discussion
    Do you think the old guy is holding a fox? And look at them 1886 kids and their guns! Dems would **** their pants.
  6. Trump Administration Declares Gun Dealers and Manufacturers 'Essential Businesses

    Finally! and well done. In the midst of the COVID-19 lockdown, far too many liberal unconstitutional dirtbags have taken aim at gun dealers and shooting ranges. Hopefully, this puts an end to it...
  7. Look what it is like buying ammo in CA

    Firearms General Discussion
    DENIED AMMO PURCHASE TODAY!! I have not purchased ammo since 2010. I went to buy some shotgun shells and was denied. The clerk said I probably need to go onto CFARS to create an account and "register" a firearm since I have not...
  8. West Virginia Offers to Welcome Virginia Counties

    Political News and Discussion some counties in Virginia want out and West Virginia is offering to accept them West Virginia’s governor and Senate have invited Frederick, a county of about 90,000 on Virginia’s...
  9. UN coming for your guns, job application for gun grabber

    Political News and Discussion
    Website is: Backup page of this page at: Screenshot: Take a look before the site gets pulled down. A search for more results: California already...
  10. why is it that everyone says Trump is anti 2A

    Political News and Discussion
    Every time I see a post about Trump being against the 2A I ask the poster to explain to me why they say that. I have not got a response back from the first one as of yet. I point out that the only thing Trump has done is to ban Bump Stocks. I want to be perfectly clear, a bump stock is not a...
  11. Open Defiance of Illegal Pittsburgh Ordinance?

    Political News and Discussion
    Are any PA preppers planning to openly defy the proposed Pittsburgh ordinance banning semi-auto weapons in defiance of Pennsylvania state law? The PA attorney general has already threatened criminal charges against the mayor and city council members if they pass the ordinance. I would join you...
  12. Ignorance in the gun debate

    Firearms General Discussion
    Found this to be a good read. I can't even imagine if any other right were treated this caviler.
  13. What guns do you regret buying?

    Firearms General Discussion
    So as a variation of the usual "What do you regret not buying", "what do you regret selling" or "your favorite guns you own" threads, what firearms do you regret buying? I don't regret most of my purchases, but the one firearm purchase I absolutely regret buying with 100% certainty is a Kel-Tec...
  14. Smoothbore Pistol. My Choice.

    Australia and New Zealand
    Just as versatile as a smoothbore longarm. Flintlock, so it is sustainable. No licence, no registration, no permit to purchase.
  15. Suggestions for Non-Lethal Off-Grid Home Defense

    Non-Lethal Weapons & Self Defense
    Hi everyone! My partner is a felon. We currently do not have any guns in our home and he feels strongly that he doesn't want to put himself at risk of future legal issues by having any guns in the home. I, however, want weapons for self defense. I'm looking for suggestions on Airsoft guns that...
  16. Should SJWs and Rioters "Lose" Their Right To KABA?

    Firearms General Discussion
    Regardless of what you think about SJWs and rioters (I think we have covered that ad-naseam), what do you believe when it comes to their right to keep and bear arms?
  17. Virginia: New gun laws going into effect on July 1, 2016

    The following laws become effective on Friday, July 1: * Virginia will honor the permits from all other states. In turn we should get recognition from three new states: New Hampshire, Georgia, and Colorado. As of this afternoon, none of those three states have updated their web sites to show...
  18. Manifesto of a Production Armorer

    General Discussion
    I'm currently working as armorer and prop designer for a low-budget series. I can't go into too many details, as I signed a non-disclosure agreement, but what I can say is that I am insistent on making the weaponry used realistic to the characters, and making sure they use the weapons in a real...
  19. Camo corner surplus on 51 west of Stillwater

    First off I am in no way affiliated with the business. I simply want to spread the word about an excellent local business that has earned my respect and repeat business. Also trying to liven up the Oklahoma feed a bit. This is a great bunch of guys that are extremely helpful and knowledgeable...
  20. Equipment Update.

    Australia and New Zealand
    Just thought I would post my equipment update. Nothing much has changed, I am sure by now most of you will know my preference for sustainable equipment & methods rather than modern gadgets. This is my new original 18th century fire steel. As you can see, it has been well used over the past 300...