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  1. Ultimate Concealed Carry Gun

    Pistol and Revolver Forum
    This was just too funny. I'm not sure if this is legit or a hoax. Either way, I'm sure it's a sh*ty gun.
  2. .380 vs. 9mm vs. .40

    Pistol and Revolver Forum
    Hello, I'm looking at buying two handguns in the near future. The first will replace my current CC gun, a snubnose .357 while the 2nd will be intended to remain in my home or for use as an open or concealed carry gun in a SHTF situation. I'm seriously considering a .380 as the CC gun. Don't...
  3. another proposed guns & ammo heavily..

    General Discussion H.R. 5103 , basically.... “(1) Articles taxable at 20 percent: “(A) Pistols. “(B) Revolvers. “(C) Firearms (other than pistols and revolvers). “(D) Any lower frame or receiver...
  4. HR5087 - Start of Gun Confiscation?? **Merge Thread**

    General Discussion Please read this and let everyone know about it. I pray this doesn't pass if so then we're all outlaws. Also who is going to be brave enough to knock on my door and ask for my guns? Rolling up my sleeves and getting ready...
  5. 9mm/45 ACP Carbines vs AR-15 Pistols

    Firearms General Discussion
    You are in a house and are in need of clearing it. Let's say you are not bogged down by much gear. You have a choice, a pistol caliber carbine or a short barreled AR-15 in .223 (with or without a butt stock). I know a pistol is the most tight-area maneuverable gun you could use, but I'd rather...
  6. The weapons we use.

    Firearms General Discussion
    For firearms most of us have have at least 3 firearms. At least most of us in the USA. During the American revolution we learned the importance of making sure that everyone can be armed. As we learned that it is possible for a governing body to become oppressive, and the people should...
  7. Bug out gun safe plan?

    Firearms General Discussion
    What do you plan on doing with your gun safe when/if you have to Bug out? I'm not talking about leaving for a couple of days and then coming back, I'm talking about leaving and possibly not being able to return for years, if at all.. We keep as much as we can at our BOL but lets face it...
  8. Trunk Gun & GHB

    Firearms General Discussion
    Hey SB, So my truck and my car have had a GHB each for awhile now, but I've wanted to be able to tool up when I go away. My day to day work week doesn't allow that, my car is subject to random searches as a govt. contractor. So for the weekends or trips, I have come up with throwing in an...
  9. Civilian gun owner stops mass shooting in SC night club

    General Discussion
    (I didn't find any topic about it.)
  10. AR upper recommendations?

    Firearms General Discussion
    Hey I am looking to custom build my first AR, I think I have decided on the LMT Defense 2000 for the lower, and I have no idea for a upper receiver. I'm trying to keep the whole gun under 1400, and te lower runs about 350$. I would really like atleast a 10in hamdguard or bigger, and if it costs...
  11. So, my daughter wore a bullet necklace to school...

    General Discussion
    With all of the "zero tolerance" and PC nonsense going on in our public schools, I just thought I would share a story that might make you feel better about some parts of our country. I made a necklace for my daughter. She loves the M44 Mosin Nagant, so I took a spent lacquered steel casing...
  12. Can anyone identify this?

    Firearms General Discussion
    Ran across this in my web wanderings today with no identification. Wondered if anyong had ever seen such an animal in the wild.
  13. NON SEMI firearm of choice

    Firearms General Discussion
    For a fun question lets say we lived in a world without semi autos or automatics. past present or future. for what ever reason we just don't have them. my question is which firearm would you have for a post apoc. scenario in a world without ARs, AKs, semi auto Pistols. or other semi fire guns...
  14. Gun belts that don't look like gun belts

    Pistol and Revolver Forum
    I was wondering are there any gun belts that look like regular belt for CCW. Also I currently wear a modern army surplus belt, you know, it's beige or green and it doesn't matter if you have a skinny waist. I was wondering would that be sufficient.
  15. taurus millenium 2

    Reviews & Questions For Vendors
    Seen this hand gun at local shop (D E guns ) $239 with $50 dollar rebate ,does anybody have any expeience with it ? Is it good or junk
  16. Annual Gun Buyers Guide Spreadsheet?

    Firearms General Discussion
    The only gun magazine I buy is the Guns & Ammo Annual <YYYY> Buyer's Guide (just "Gun Annual" now), specifically for the listings in the second half of the magazine. It's nice for seeing what's coming onto the market, what of the new cartridges are finding traction, etc. Usually I page through...
  17. Happy surprise

    Firearms General Discussion
    So today I picked up a 1987 Marlin 30as. It's a 336 with a birch stock essentially. The internals had some nice carbonized...gunk:xeye:, the finish on the stock was foggy, and there was a good deal of surface rust over the barrel and a bit of the receiver. I bought it anyways, for $99, and took...
  18. Is this a good deal? (G.i magazines)

    Firearms General Discussion
    does anyone think that $4.50 is a good deal on standard metal ar15 magazines?
  19. I need help choosing a good optic for my ar

    Firearms General Discussion
    Hi guys, I'm looking for a little help choosing an optic for my ar. As of now I have rear flip up sights and an A2 style fixed front sight post. I am very proficient with my current iron sight set up, and am ready to move on to an optic. I have about $200 to spend. I know that won't get me a top...
  20. Gun case that doesn't look like a gun case?

    Rifle Forum
    Does anyone have any ideas for a rifle / shotgun case that doesn't look like one? I live in an apartment complex where anything that isn't screwed down disappears within minutes. Every package delivered by FedEx gets stolen if I don't grab it immediately. So I don't really want to advertise...