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  1. Oklahoma
    First off I am in no way affiliated with the business. I simply want to spread the word about an excellent local business that has earned my respect and repeat business. Also trying to liven up the Oklahoma feed a bit. This is a great bunch of guys that are extremely helpful and knowledgeable...
  2. Firearms General Discussion
    I'm considering opening a indoor pistol and rifle range... maby two hundred meters? With snack shop, classroom, ammo sales, etc etc. Of course, with concrete walls, it would be great also for a fall bac or bug out location. There are a lot of good brains around here so please share your thoughts!
  3. Firearms General Discussion
    Where is the best place to buy steel targets ?? I have a 8" AS500 1/2 " gong, but I would like to find enough steel to make a few silhouettes and maybe some knock downs and a springed pop back. will a plasma cutter go through it? do I NEED 1/2" if the largest cal I fly is 7.62 nato ?? I am a...
  4. Firearms General Discussion
    Well today i got off my @ss and joined the local indoor range. Every week i would go out and buy ammo. No more! I have now decided i have more than enough ammo, I am now turning my funds and focus to practice. I don't touch my stash and i am using the weekly ammo fund for practice now. I...
1-4 of 4 Results