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    Just picked up as the title says a GSG-522 SD. Im a AR/Ak guy and this is my first .22 of any kind. What is the best ammo to feed this thing? What are some brands to stay away from?
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    I don't know if they would be my best choice for a post-apocalyptic hellhole but, these are a frickin blast! (sorry for the M4 in the pic, it's the only photobucket pic I have with the carbine in it) ATI (American Tactical Imports) was bringing these in from GSG (German Sport Guns). They...
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    Hi all---new to this forum I just bought the m&p15-22 today. I ran 75 rds. thru it just to see how it would function. Federal and remington bulk ammo-the rem ran as I expected,hardly at all,have had terrible luck with this ammo and will not purchase again. Fed was better but still...
  4. Firearms General Discussion Just wanting to spread the word so nobody gets popped for a NFA violation!
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    Thanks to the attorneys at H&K, the GSG-5 will no longer be produced. Sales of the GSG-5 will sop on January 31st, 2010. It has to do with the rifle looking like the H&K series of rifles. Just when I see a new gun I want, it stops being made. Anyone know of any other good looking 22 rifles?