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  1. Firearms General Discussion
    This weekend project of mine is a year two old but I figured I would share it as I feel a lot here have an appreciation for craftsmanship even if not practical, I find it does add a polish factor to the turd so to speak :P. So I give you Jade soapstone Hi-point grips. I always loved pearl...
  2. Firearms General Discussion
    Got the new CTD catalog in the mail the other day and couldn't resist sharing this here. Looks like a neat gadget (toy) for the shooter who has everything. I have reservations about its practical/tactical use. Looks like it'd be fun for...
  3. Pistol and Revolver Forum
    I just installed a set of Hogue Grips on my P89, and I must say I kinda like them.
  4. Military Weapons Forum
    I recently acquired a Bushmaster M4 XM-15 Homeland Defender model. It was new in box and completely stock. I was going to leave it this way until I decided to jump into the hype of a custom AR and started upgrading. The first addition was a Knights Armament quad rail handguard. The second...
1-4 of 4 Results