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  1. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    My friends that live in the city have often viewed my as being a ******* espsince my views on guns and country life, esp. after they found out that *gasp* I was a gun owner but this past weekend it was really funny when my friends saw my BOB in the back of my car, namely the gator jr machete...
  2. Controversial News and Alternative Politics
    I heard this theory from a friend that the government is aware of a possible EMP doomsday scenario and that cash for clunkers, is meant to get all the EMP proof cars off the road. So only government vehicles will run after SHTF. Put your tin foil hat on and tell me what you think?
  3. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Two motto’s to live by, the Boy Scout motto “Always be prepared ” The Marines motto” Improvise, Adapt, Overcome“. We lived through one winter storm here in Kentucky in the early 90’s that left us with 18” of wet snow with temps in the 30’s and below and no power for 5 days. I had a...
  4. Controversial News and Alternative Politics
    So our erected representaters at work. They of course have managed to wrestle te bill down from an astronomical $820 billion to a piddlin little $790 billion. That is a whopping 3%...