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    I came across this article and think it's pretty darn fascinating. It's long but worth it. It's originally from here if you want to give the site some traffic. I've added a couple of the particularly good comments at the end.
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    Happy Independence Day to the entire US and to those countries that value freedom. Today is the day the great US of A declared our independence from England and it's tyrannical government. As I was reflecting today at work I began to realize no one values our freedoms enough, and I have been...
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    Hand of God' Spotted by NASA Space Telescope Interesting formation of exploding star. Looks like he just fired a particle beam weapon. :D:
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  5. Events, Connections and Get togethers
    I live in the Smokey Mountains near Chillhowie and Maryville. It is so important for we who live close to each other to connect. I am not looking for trigger happy know it alls or any type of extremists. Just common people who have enough sense to know what is about to happen and are making...
  6. Religious Discussion
    The good news: A number of peer reviewed double and triple blind studies have now proven beyond statistical argument that prayer in the form of quantum action at a distance is real. Studies on rates of fertility, cardiovascular recovery, and others prove the existence of prayer's efficacy beyond...
  7. Religious Discussion
    My question is this, if a human is saved, believes in Christ, but falls short of regular worship, prayer, and repentance, but dies while saving an innocents life, what happens with this persons salvation?
  8. Religious Discussion
    Well guys, I will be going on my first mission trip on the last three weeks of June! I am going to Vanuatu. It is a small island chain east of AUS. west of Fiji. I am doing a exploratory/survey trip to see if this is the place where God would have me go and devote my life to tribal missions at...
  9. Religious Discussion
    All it means is i don't beleive in gods, i am still a moral person. It has nothing to do with hating gods. I would like to know what people consider to be "wrong" about atheism so i can address those issues. (I am from england, were atheism is not uncommon, and most christians don't even...
  10. Religious Discussion
    from what i know (through holy literature and conversation with the devout), the word "God" implies omnipotent, almighty, all-powerful, all-knowing, infinite, encompasses everything. if that is the case, then God is responsible for everything. all the goods (kindness, love, beauties, etc.) and...
  11. Religious Discussion
    Yes God works(and travels) in mysterious ways. Took this picture on the NJ Turnpike (BTW - A line of cars taking photos) - :D:
  12. Religious Discussion
    I keep seeing the view pop up that Christians who believe on following God's laws and commandments, are throwing out the grace of God and trying to reach salvation through works. I cannot speak for anybody but myself but I do not look at it that way. Since when does trying to obey, and trying...
  13. Religious Discussion
    This is a thread to share bible studies, and respectfully present different points of view. I ask that if you are going to debate a point for you to do so with scripture. (sola scriptura) Prelude 20 factors simultaneously happening together to form a life sustaining planet called earth. Yet...
  14. Religious Discussion
    God longs for you to discover the life that he created you for, and to embrace the purpose that he has destined for your life. Long before your parents ever conceived you, you were conceived in the mind of god. God has hand crafted each of us choosing our: parents, race, background, attributes...
  15. Religious Discussion
    I'm interested in the opinions of people as to their viewpoint of Atheism and how it effects the society in which we live. When I say Atheism, I mean the belief that there is no God, Creator or "Higher Power" in this world or one who has domain over our world. -What consequences in personal...
  16. General Discussion
    "...One nation, under God, indivisable, with liberty and justice for all."
  17. Religious Discussion
    I believe in God but my prayers never seem to work. So,I stopped praying. I talk to God like he's there with me-like a friend. But I stopped praying........And now I'm at ease with myself. I feel closer to God now that I just "talk" to him versus bowing my head and praying.
  18. Religious Discussion
    I have long thought about how a faithful Christian reconciles preparedness as we discuss on this board and trusting God to supply our needs. Are we being unfaithful if we are active preppers? Is living day-to-day without prepping for the future more of a sign of faith? I'm still confused by...
  19. Religious Discussion
    The realm of Philosophy is the ONLY appropriate place outside of Theology to address the "Existence of God". These are Logical & Philosophical Arguments for the existence of God. Arguments for the existence of God The cosmological argument argues that there was a "first cause", or "prime...
  20. Religious Discussion
    from a GB rant, good stuff :thumb: