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    I just finished the memoir of General James Mattis. It's one of the better strategy/leadership books I've read. His style is no-nonsense. He is always for the troops and looked to make sure morale stayed high in the major conflicts he was in. From his fights to get the Marines into Afganistan...
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    General is most senior Army officer to kill self Well this certainly will bring up a lot more questions than answers. The bold text always infuriates me. It's like it's made up.
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    So yesterday I went to my dad's place for a cookout, this is in Ohio. About 9:00 PM I saw this huge ball of fire in the sky, so I was like hey whats that. So he picked up his binoculars and looked at it. It was like a ball of fire with a rectangle dangling from it. It crossed the moon and it...
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    Found on youtube