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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    ‘I’ll Raid You, White Trash’: Australians Told to Lock Doors as Africans Rampage in Melbourne
  2. Polls and Surveys
    The "winner" of this poll is a foregone conclusion but let's pick one just for fun. There's an obvious name that stands out but I've lived in a part of the country where several gangs call home and all of them were pretty tough. Anyway, I don't have to be a fan of their lifestyle to find the...
  3. Financial Forum
    My wife is in banking and says that credit card fraud is rampant. Yes it is... She's had 3 personal accounts hacked in the last month...I pay cash for everything...everything.
  4. Books, Movies & Stories
    This is kind of a good lesson on strategizing one's way through hostile territory in an urban environment. Anyone here remember The Warriors? Gang Movie Baddassery when you fought with fists.
  5. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    I just finished reading a book by William R. Forstchen titled "One Second After." It's basically about an electromagnetic pulse that hits the Black Mountain area up in North Carolina where my wife, son and I do a lot of camping. We love the area and know it well. Perhaps that's why I couldn't...
  6. Off Topic Lounge Gang infiltration of law enforcement, government, and correctional agencies poses a serious security threat due to the access they have to restricted areas vulnerable to sabotage, sensitive information pertaining to investigations...
  7. Urban Survival This booklet is published by the Texas Department of Public Safety, Criminal Intelligence Service, with the cooperation of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice-Security Threat Group Management Office. It is being provided as a...
  8. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion At 5 a.m at a secret location in Chicago, heavily armed U.S. Marshals and local police locked in on a target. "He is a gang member," said U.S. Marshal Ed Farrell. "Pretty much everything they do is...
  9. Urban Survival
    From American Daily... More reason to learn to defend yourself and your family. Latin American Gangs Are Taking Over Our Streets By Dave Gibson (07/10/08) At one time, violent crimes attributed to Mexican and Central American gangs were largely confined to the American Southwest. However...
  10. Urban Survival
    This is more evidence for the idea that I first heard of here, that gang members are getting military training.
  11. Urban Survival
    Southern California gangs have used numerous names and symbols to identify themselves since the early 1900s. The letters "LA"—often with the horizontal leg of the letter "L" forming the cross bar of the letter "A"—were early symbols used in tattoos. Today this monogram is used as the Los Angeles...
  12. Urban Survival
    In case anyone wants to see what the bloods and crips are about and how ruthless they are, Tonight (6/8) at 9pm the national geographic channel is having a show about them. Might give you a better understanding of gangs if you are not too familiar... :) 73's
  13. Urban Survival
    Hi all over the past few years I have had run in with not only local gangs but nationwide gangs. The worst one I have had contact with is MS-13. I owned a town house a few years ago that had some trouble and to make a long story short I was dropped by my management company had later on My family...
1-13 of 18 Results