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  1. Anyone Using Corn as Fuel?

    General Discussion
    mention in another thread about burning corn. apparently there are stoves, very similar to pellet stoves, for corn (grain only, no cob / shuck). I'm sure a regular wood stove could burn corn still on cob. anyone do this? here's a news article about...
  2. A Unique Way to Produce Large Amounts of Ethanol for Almost Nothing

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Spirulina platensis is an algae that grows in puddles, pond water, sea water, even human wastewater ponds. It is a single celled blue green algae. It uses minerals in the water and the power of the sun to reproduce incredibly fast - a culture can double it's total algae mass every forty eight...
  3. Field Diesel Recipe

    Vehicles & Transportation
    Does anyone have the formula for making field diesel? I searched on the forum but couldn't find anything. I'm not talking about a biodiesel refiner, rather a combination of ingredients I saw on one of the many pre-2012 survivalist TV shows. The main ingredient was filtered, used vegetable oil...
  4. SHTF/Apocalypse resource:Trains?

    General Discussion
    In an apocalyptic grid-down situation affecting the entire country a la "One Second After" would trains be a realistic source of supplies and material? I live in Southern Indiana and in my town I see trains go by with Corn, Wheat, Cattle, Hogs, Coal etc. I have no idea how practical it would...
  5. Transferring propane from one tank to another

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    I am sorry if this is on here somewhere already, I could not find it under search key word "propane" I wonder can someone tall me what equipment I need and the procedure to safely transfer propane from one tank to another?
  6. How to extend the useable life of gasoline?

    General Discussion
    We have all noticed that 10% ethanol gas, which is what we are forced to buy now for the most part, tends to gum up fuel systems much more quickly than the old non-ethanol contaning gas. gums are basically polymerization reactions caused by links forming between molecules much like the...
  7. Transporting Gasoline Question

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Although I'd rather carry gas on the outside of my car, because of the risk of theft if caught in gridlock or having to park and leave it temporarily (the dogs will guard the inside), is there a safe, non-messy, and non-smelly way to carry a couple of 5 gallon cans of gas inside the car if I...
  8. Measures if you run out of fuel?

    Vehicles & Transportation
    Hello I was wondering, what are your measures for if you run out of fuel (benzine, diesel,...). When you're leaving you maybe don't have enough fuel, and probably won't find a petrol station on your way; you need to have something to make your engine run, what is that? :) Just wondering if...
  9. Storing Gas With Argon

    Vehicles & Transportation
    So i had a crazy idea , i keep my 16 gallon drums filled with premium gasoline , i rotate em twice a year to keep it fresh , a couple of weeks ago i was at a Chemistry class and we were talking about racing gas mixes and gas degradation due oxidation , so i came up with an idea , if i replace...
  10. Second Gas Tank

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    I am looking for some information on getting a second Gas tank for my truck to install in the truck bed to extend the range of my truck. How possible is this? I have read around the internet that you can simply buy a kit that has a hose that feeds into the fuel neck of your orginal gas tank and...
  11. my mother lived for "someday"

    Ladies Section
    A BIG Thanks to my mom (r.i.p. mom) for living for "someday" packing away a little fuel for emergencies Save some dry wood cut into small pieces in old recycled jars. Pat down to pack it or carefully pack it from the top using a hammer to further break pieces so more will fit. You could also...
  12. The Storage of Gasoline

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Guys I tried the search bar ,before I posted this and couldnt seem to come across anything .So I figure Id ask yall opinion.. IM only 38 and was just a kid when gas was real gas .Fuel from what my Ol'Timer buddies said that you could put away for a long time and it still be very useable ...
  13. BOV already loaded

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    We all have tried (or should have) to see how fast we can bug out if need be… We also know that two or three is better than one. So with that in mind (extra BOB already to go) how many have a BOV already loaded, filled with fuel all ready to jump in and turnkey and take off..? The BOV already...
  14. Ford Transit Connect as BOV

    Vehicles & Transportation
    Has anyone considered the Ford Transit Connect as a BOV? Its marketed as a fuel efficient commercial vehicle. I think of it as a compact van. They are highly configurable, can come with a shelving system and an interior space that you can "almost" stand up in. I'm considering picking up...
  15. How many here store gasoline?

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    I keep "enough." Mainly because if our BOV were completely empty (which it never is) we still have enough stored to get to our farthest possible BOL if we need to. If it were full then with what we have stored we would have twice as much as we need to get there. The other reason we keep it is...
  16. Gasoline at $6/gal by summer ... Fuuuuu........

    General Discussion This is the kind of thing I'd expect to hear right before things get unruly. (Also, note that Euro Pacific Capital is Peter Schiff's company out of Connecticut. That little tid bit might lend some serious credibility to these opinions considering he was one of...
  17. 55 gal drums for fuel storage

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Is there any reason i should not use 55 gal. drums to store fuel? been locking for something other than 5 gal cans and dont want to spend $1000s for a bulk tank. are there any precautions i should take to vent/prevent fire ect?
  18. Reduce Energy Use with clothing

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    This is common sense stuff, but I found it interesting that they gave values to layers of clothing to show how much energy vs how many layers of clothing to remain comfortable. Saving 30%-40% of your heating energy just by wearing some thermal underwear is an interesting concept, especially if...
  19. gas just hit $3.50 here

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    I wasa just driving home and passed a gas station near my house, and the price was at $3.49 on one side of the street, and still $3.29 on the other. I pulled in to top my tank off. I'm glad I topped off my reserves last fall.
  20. Storing gasoline

    Urban Survival
    Anyone stocking up on fuel? If so, how/ where are you storing it?