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    How to Build a Speech-Jamming Gun Japanese researchers build a gun capable of stopping speakers in mid-sentence. The potential for abuse could be staggering. Use it at a Tea Party Rally and train it on the speaker(s) well there goes the rally into confusion. Use it on your political...
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    Internet kill switch bill in congress So, in an effort to stop internet piracy, the SOPA bill (stop online priacy act) will allow TPTB to shut down any website it doesn't like and cut off its sources of income on a whim...
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    Pretty good article on there views.
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    Kevin, I have much respect for you and what you have accomplished with this board. However, I must disagree on your banning here any discussion that can be considered a negative view of police (or the military, as you posted). I also disagree on your making this ruling and immediately closing...
1-5 of 12 Results