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  1. International Stockpiling Issues

    Food and water Countries like Algeria, Morocco and the Philippines have stepped up efforts to top up their grain reserves as big producers including top wheat producer Russia and the world’s third-largest rice exporter Vietnam imposed...
  2. Mother Criticized for Stockpiling Food

    Food and water Emma, a mum-of-two from Lancaster, was branded ‘selfish and stupid’ by viewers, as Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield grilled her over her shopping. The mum revealed she’s hoarded around...
  3. Virus, no money and short on food

    Just happened to see this on the news (Bing) and it's something I hadn't really thought of. I know a lot of people are hitting the food banks hard, but still, it's something to think about. Figured it'd go better here than in the gardening section...
  4. Freak Winds Flatten Iowa Corn

    Food and water ***(Iowa Governor Kim) Reynolds said early estimates indicate 10 million acres (4 million hectares) have been damaged in the nation’s top corn-producing state and...
  5. Food Issues in China

    Manmade and Natural Disasters
    huge and growing population increasing desire to upgrade lifestyle, especially foods limited resources now outside issues with food storage/production...
  6. Huge Food Loss in USA

    News report on food loss / wastage in USA Billions of dollars worth of food is going to waste as growers and producers from California to Florida are facing a massive surplus of highly...
  7. Food Production Disruptions?

    Tyson shut a pork plant this week after two dozen workers fell ill and now it has sick workers at a chicken plant. Cargil shut a beef plant in Pennsylvania. Time to fill your freezer with meat while it's still available...
  8. Coronavirus grocery store / panic buying thread

    Please report grocery store stocks, and if you observe panic buying. I am going through my youtube subscriptions, people who never once before uttered a word about prepping are saying they are buying extra food and water. I go to the grocery store about once a week. Since I live in a rural...
  9. Brazil Helping to feed China

    General Discussion
    interesting article in the Atlantic (yes I know, left wing media) Brazil is cutting down forest for more crop land and building a train to get it to port. China needs soy to feed its pigs...
  10. Free Range Rabbits

    Farming, Gardening & Homesteading
    A few questions about rabbits: 1) Has anyone tried free range rabbit ranching with a rabbit hutch and rabbit run but with the rabbits released during the day to forage on grass? 2) Are rabbits at serious risk of predation in a semi-rural area during daylight hours? We do have coyotes as well as...
  11. Experimenting With Expired Food

    Food and water
    I was rotating my stored canned food and found a tin of Susan's Chicken & Dumplings that expired over a year ago. I decided to give it a try and it had a normal smell and no discoloring. The dumplings and chicken tasted fine although the broth had an "off" flavor so I avoided it as much as...
  12. Eat Me

    Food and water
    Well not me but some other human. Turns out humans aren't a great source of nutrition compared to several extinct and many living mammals. Good news is that beavers are high in calories and I like eating beaver. Wild hogs (boar) are also high in calories...
  13. Book Review: The Encyclopedia of Country Living (40th Anniversery Ed.)

    Book Reviews
    This massive book of nearly 1,000 pages was compiled by one of the early members of the homesteading movement (Carla Emery). She lived on a homestead near Moscow, ID from the early 1970s until the 2000s. Ms. Emery died in the 2000s and the encyclopedia is now managed by a lady with homes in...
  14. Cuba Rationing Food, Goods

    Manmade and Natural Disasters
    Cuba is rationing food and consumer goods (again) ***Communist-run Cuba said on Friday it would control more the sales of certain foodstuff and hygiene products...
  15. Foraging Wildlife Food Plots - Video

    Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Does everyone know what a wildlife food plot is? If not, it is a food plot hunters plant to attract wildlife, especially deer. Bags of wildlife food plot seeds are typically sold in the big box mart stores before hunting season. The bags typically contain stuff like turnips, beans, peas...
  16. Terrestrial Turtles - Are They Edible?

    Wilderness Survival, Hiking and Camping Forum
    Snappers are perfectly edible if you can find them but I have heard that land turtles should be considered inedible because they might snack on poisonous mushrooms. This sounds like an old wives tale that's been repeated over and over until it's accepted as gospel. Does anyone know if there's...
  17. whats for snacking tonight?

    Food and water
    what are you snacking on tonight? I have some old ham and pepperoni and block cheese. rolling up the meat and cubing the cheese. wash down with iced tea. anyone else? (wonder if I should put this in the food section?
  18. Bodark "Apples", any use?

    Farming, Gardening & Homesteading
    There is a very strange fruit called the Boadark Apple (aka Osage Orange) that grows from the Ozarks down into East Texas. Almost no animals other than horses and possiblly possums will eat the fruit. The fruit is about the same size as a small grapefruit and has a bright green, pebbly skin...
  19. Vensuelan blogger

    General Discussion
    There was a guy writing about what was happening in Vensuela a while back and wondered how he & his family were doing. But can't find it. Any help/ thread link would be appreciated.
  20. How Good were Your Harvests This Year?

    Farming, Gardening & Homesteading
    How did all the farmers and gardeners here do? locally, middling year for corn farming; too much rain. picking soybeans in a few weeks. gardeners did poorly with corn and tomatoes, not too bad with melons and squash. How are things in your garden/farm/area?