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  1. Black powder
    What are the heaviest items you carry? Probably drinking water & lead. The gunpowder bag was what woodsmen & woods women carried extra gunpowder in. Lead could/can be retrieved from shot game & remoulded, hence the reason for carrying a ball mould & lead ladle. When a gunpowder bag was empty...
  2. Australia and New Zealand
    Just as versatile as a smoothbore longarm. Flintlock, so it is sustainable. No licence, no registration, no permit to purchase.
  3. Australia and New Zealand
    Advantages of A Flintlock Muzzle-loader. 1) Ammo is less expensive than a modern equivalent caliber firearm. 2) The smoothbore is very versatile, being able to digest round ball, bird shot, & buckshot, or any combination of two of these (can also use minies). 3) The fusil is lighter to carry...
  4. Australia and New Zealand
    First let me make it quite clear that I have nothing against using modern equipment. But some modern equipment has its limitations. Firearms are a prime example. If you are going to carry a modern breach-loading firearm into a long term wilderness living/survival situation, then you will need...
  5. Australia and New Zealand
    Generally speaking it is recommended that you carry one pound of gunpowder (Black Powder) to every two pounds of lead. This of course is ball park measurement because much depends on the calibre of your gun and the powder charge you use. But consider this, especially if you are using a large...
1-7 of 7 Results