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  1. Financial Forum
    The monthly employment report was released at 8:30 EDT Friday. Surprisingly, it was very bullish. Private non-farm payrolls grew by 2.5 MM, the market had expected a drop of 8 MM. The headline unemployment rate fell to 13.3% when it was expected to rise to 19.7%. The broader U6 unemployment...
  2. Financial Forum
    Ronin Capital. They were a private investor, kind of like a hedge fund: Rumor has it they were betting big on VIX derivatives. I guess they guessed wrong.
  3. Financial Forum
    I'm asking this question because I need some input. I keep hearing that a financial collapse is coming, or a recession, or something like that, and I'm hearing that it will be worse than the last. I just sold my US Equity TDAM fund for this reason (Apple Inc., Microsoft Corp, Inc...
  4. Urban Survival
    Allow me to specify: What I mean by getting a budget is finding out how to get money. That is why I said "more than just getting a job". Heyo yall! Second post here. In my first post, I asked how I could survive cheaply (whilst being moderately healthy) on my own. Now that I know more of what...
  5. General Discussion Links to coupons and suggestions for saving money. This may be worthwhile to those who are struggling to prep on a tight budget.
  6. Manmade and Natural Disasters I was watching CNBC yesterday when they had an interesting discussion of the financial implications of weather disasters. Tell me what you think
  7. Financial Forum
    Stop spamming, go away
  8. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    A friend asked me a week ago, "did I know something he didn't" here is what i know As an insider to the financial system, that system, is too a significant extent, is broken. It can continue to operate despite that fact for several reasons which include government intervention, false and...
  9. Financial Forum
    Cashing in 1/2 half of our 401 k will pay off our house. We have no other payments No credit card or car payments. My husband has a strong feeling that if we leave it in the market it will not be there when we retire (20 years from now). He feels its a better investment to pay off the house...
1-9 of 9 Results