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  1. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Where is the FBI? Cartel Documentary Discuss it after you watch it!
  2. General Discussion
    FBI releases documents showing that RT founder beat himself to death Well what do you say about someone beating themselves to death........:xeye: I don't know much about the duran website but there is a 56 page pdf from the FBI vault that can be viewed here...
  3. General Discussion
    Obama ‘Still Running the FBI,’ Says Lawyer After Agency Blocks Access to Clinton Records I'm sure both sides want to get to the bottom of Clinton's past. Either to exonerate her or crucify her.
  4. General Discussion
    FBI Roughs Up Photographer Then Gives Him A Ticket For Cursing I hope this guy make a lot of money from this.
  5. General Discussion
    FBI never examined hacked DNC servers itself CrowdStrike was founded by George Kurtz and wait for it.......................... Dmitri Alperovitch :D:
  6. General Discussion
    It would appear that there is a two -month absence of Hillary's emails (off her private server in her garage) that perfectly coincides with the lead up to the Benghazi debacle...
  7. Pistol and Revolver Forum
    I did a search before posting and couldn't find this, so here is something from October, 2014.
  8. General Discussion
    FBI currently working with Maryland, Michigan, Hawaii, and maybe Oregon to develop the technology: My question is, if they are in Hawaii, then does it work on Obama - in order for us to learn who he really is...
  9. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    How can it be that the FBI is thinking that Hackers pose more of a threat than terrorists? I first heard this on the morning news today. I think with the world dependancy on computers now days is very scary. I am so sick of hearing about this "paperless society" If we depend more and more on...
  10. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    According to an article in the USA Today, it looks like gun purchases on Black Friday hit an all time high. It was 32% higher than any other Black Friday in history according to the FBI. Does this mean that there are more preppers out there? Anyone here buy a gun on Black Friday...
  11. General Discussion
    The following article is from a man who was wrongly suspected of acting against this country. The FBI stopped him at the air port and interrogated him. As with most news paper articles the interesting part comes on the second page when he tells how he reacted to the FBI's information gathering...
  12. General Discussion
    No, really, its the front page of today's newspapers: I know that they had employed illegal immigrants for janitorial duties, but I have never seen any indication of...
  13. General Discussion
    There have been several threads about fbi and homeland security activily and passively looking for the following. Jihadist White supremacists Survivalist Sovereign Citizens group Eco terrorists Now after reading this story I...
  14. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Yesterday (8/10/2011) an explosive device was found attached to a gas line in Oklahoma. The Device was removed by FBI and Oklahoma Highway Patrol Bomb Units. There isn't a whole lot of info...
1-14 of 26 Results