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  1. Financial Forum ***The fakes were discovered in February after Dongguan Trust Co. sought to liquidate the collateral after Kingold defaulted on some debts in late 2019. This...
  2. Food and water
    I searched for this on this site, but found nothing. I've watched a few You Tube videos about fake plastic rice from China and read some about it not being true. I don't know what to believe! Anyone have any realistic knowledge or info about this? :confused:
  3. General Discussion "The President reportedly began wiping tears away before any other evidence of Obama crying had even appeared. Moreover, his voice remained perfectly composed throughout the whole speech"...
  4. General Discussion As if it wasn't obvious. They looked really fake to me. Way too clean of an image for reality.
  5. Controversial News and Alternative Politics
    A list of those who think it's a joke, a list of true believers. I'm one of the many people who believe that those who are concerned about a supposed Mayan calander are silly. So I'd be on the list of those who think it's utter pap.
  6. General Discussion Now we have to deal with fake gold too?
  7. General Discussion
    For those who don't know there is fake rice also. Fake rice and fake eggs that people are fed, unwittingly. What's next .. fake chickens? Fake live chickens? Although.. the genetically modified (biological warfare agents *sterilising*)...
  8. Financial Forum
    Last week I was going through the local convienance store to do some last minute shopping. Got last carton of dry cigarrettes for 15 bux when I took some time to look at the other things that are available. They had a serier of various middle eastern currencies for sale, not sure what I was...
  9. Religious Discussion
    I was just wondering what everyone's take is on this subject. As for me I have always been a mild skeptic on alot of different subjects. UFO's Bigfoot Jersey Devil etc......... But the Shroud of Turin has always fascinated me.
  10. Recipes
    I would like to propose a new SUB Forum under Recipes as a starter I am attaching a WONDERFUL recipe for one of my favorite comfort foods that I use on a regular basis. If you never had a Cinnabon than get ready for Nirvana. Make this and never go back! Yes it takes a lot of work and time but...