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  1. Idaho
    The Bonner County Citizens Preparedness Expo is being held Saturday, Oct. 29th, 2016 from 8:30am–4:30pm at the Bonner County Fairgrounds. 1st Annual. Agenda 6:30 am Event Set Up: Staff, Exhibitors and Vendors Only 8:00 am Doors Open to Public: Check-In; Vendors and Exhibits Open 8:30 am...
  2. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Anyone else going to the Prepper's Expo at the Mohave County Fairgrounds today? I went yesterday and there's scads of excellent info and several terrific businesses there. Seminars on raising rabbits by Hostile Hare, straw bale gardening by Happy Gardener and aquaponics by Endless Food among...
  3. Events, Connections and Get togethers
    F.Y.I. Here is information for 2 Texas Gulf coast Hurricane Workshops. I've been in Texas for years and been through several hurricanes and tropical storms. Didn't think there was anything really new to see at one of these workshops but I went anyway last year (to the one in Pasadena). So...
  4. Events, Connections and Get togethers
    This weekend Springfield, Mo hosts one of the largest Preparedness Expositions in the nation. Ought to be some great info and interesting "stuff". Anyone else attending? I'll be the guy in the John Deere hat.
  5. Disaster Preparedness General Discussion
    Just wanted to give folks a heads up on this Expo. I think Rawles had it on his site but I found it somewhere else. I'll probably be going. Mostly to see vendors and take in a "how to" seminar or two. I'm not affiliated with this in any way other than interest. Saturday, June 18th 2011 $5.00...
1-5 of 5 Results