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  1. Military Weapons Forum
    No magnifier, just the sight.
  2. Firearms General Discussion
    I've always used the red. Never tried the green. What is your take? Is it worth $100 extra for a green reticle on a holographic sight?
  3. Military Weapons Forum
    I decided to get a little silly this weekend and spend some cash I probably shouldn't have :rolleyes:. I had an extra home built lower laying about that was just asking for an upper. And that upper would be just asking for a sight. I couldn't go the $1200 for an ACOG (not yet anyway), but I did...
  4. Military Weapons Forum
    Seems eotech knew about defects as far back as 2006 and failed to disclose this information. Now there is a class action lawsuit. Kinda ****es me off a company would put soldiers lives at...
  5. Military Weapons Forum
    I have a buddy who would like to trade his Eotech for my Vortex Sparc. He owns a Vortex 3x magnifier and wants to have a all Vortex set up. I am wondering how many of you would make this trade? Please let me know your thoughts.
  6. Military Weapons Forum
    I have just purchased my sig m400, I'm on a budget of $200 and I'm trying to find the best red dot for my money, and I do know they saying " you get what you pay for" but someone please help me find the best I can get with what I've got. I am very new to this, my first gun was a beretta 9mm and...
  7. Military Weapons Forum
    Picked up an EoTech XPS2-0 for the SBR and added a freefloat handguard to the LR
  8. Military Weapons Forum
    Sheesh! I had a brand new Nissan 350z and took it out drifting. A new, (then) Toyota Tacoma and broke spring by taking off big jumps, and off-roading with it. I beat the hell out of everything I own. I like using stuff that I own. Not just cars, but everything. I buy it to use it like it...
  9. Military Weapons Forum
    What's the going price of an Eotech 551 I have found one for $300. I really want to add an eotech to my AR. The 551 is new in box and is not a clone.
  10. Military Weapons Forum
    Ok. So I just traded a .38 snubnose for a eotech 512. I mounted the sight and turned it on. So I figure I'll just adjust the elevetion and windage to line up my iron sights. But I can't get the reticle to move by adjusting the screws. I'm new to optics. So what's going on? thanks, john...
  11. Military Weapons Forum
    Besides the price difference and size of the scope itself, what are some of the main differences between the various models? I'm currently building my first AR and I would like some suggestions from eotech users.. Ps.. PLEASE don't turn this into an AR vs. AK ****ing match somehow.. I know how...
  12. Firearms General Discussion
    This is an amazing sight guys. This is a full featured, rugged, well made and designed red dot sight at any price. But at less than $200 it's a great deal. While it doesn't quite rise to the level of a Aimpoint or EOTech, it comes darn close and for less than $200. It's a great alternative...
  13. Military Weapons Forum
    Someone suggest a good quality red dot scope for a DS Arms SA58 FN/FAL, which is intended to be a long term SHTF survival rifle. Price is a factor here, so lets say something less then $200. The scope has to be weather proof, so that when I am deer hunting in adverse weather I dont have to...
  14. Military Weapons Forum
    just wondering what you guys are running on your rifles. it seems like nowadays if you own a ar-15 its almost mandatory to put an aimpoint or eotech sight on it, and some people like myself prefer to go the old-school iron sights route. what about you guys? me personally i like iron sight...
  15. Firearms General Discussion
    Does anyone have any recommendations of which reflex sight I should get?
1-15 of 15 Results