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end of the world

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    My thanks to all of you who have purchased my Prepper friendly, apocalyptic ebook "The Dying Time: Impact" and left such great reviews on Amazon. Without readers like you, writers like me wouldn't have an audience. For those who have read it, the sequel and Book 2 in The Dying Time Trilogy is...
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    (saw this on another site) ancient Chinses prophecy 'Tui Bei Tu', sort of like Nostradamus. Poem 56 飛者非鳥(Flyers are not birds) 潛者非魚(Divers are not fish) 戰不在兵(Soldiers isn't important in war) 造化游戲(making game)(Or translation:technology game) 海疆萬里盡雲煙(All of oceans and borders with full of...
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    By Pastor Harold Camping ... it's an interesting read from the Canadian Free Press (who is one of the best outlets for us in the World imho) I'm firmly of the belief that it cannot be predicted ... but it can be prepared for, just in case.
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    so there's a lot christ-based activities out there regarding the rapture on may 21, 2011 and the end of world around october 2011 time frame. i'm not educated to any extent in the religious dealings of the world, so i seek your opinions. an article from the and from the...
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    Pole shift on the 15th? People that dream up and propagate fear mongering propaganda should be castrated.
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    Judgement Day: May 21st? The other day a friend told me about an older women who told him the world will end May 21st. I kinda laughed and just kept the date in mind to see if anything interesting would happen. I went onto CNN today and was surprised to see the headline about it. It turns out a...
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    There is a man that is sitting in Arkansas right now that will get a cup of coffee in the next hour. I know this sounds absurd and crazy considering it is 1 pm in the afternoon already and coffee is traditionally drunk in the morning but my source tells me it will happen. I know that...
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    Here is an interesting new drama short about the "end of the world". Entertaining. "Global Alarm: The End of the World Is 3 Minutes Away" What do you think?
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    Ok, there is something going on, I am not too bright sometimes, and I can be real slow. But, don't tell me that I am way too stressed and I read too much controversial stuff, to have a feeliing that is what is going on, is bigger than I will ever be and it is something that I must respect...
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    Survivalists often find helpful hints and ideas through literature in the form of fictional novels. I have found many books on the subject as my interests pertain to surviving the end of the world. The list includes The Road, it was even on the Oprah book list last year. The classic novel, The...