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  1. The Tech Zone The encryption was introduced with iOS version 8. iOS version 9 was recently released by Apple.
  2. Communications
    In searching the archives I see lots of posts here about electronic crypto, HAM radio restrictions, and morse code. I'm wondering what the take is on pen-and-paper cryptography, like classical "use a code wheel" sort of crypto. My question is: if your situation required security over the...
  3. The Tech Zone
    Anyone using TRUECRYPT with WINDOWS or LINUX, do a google search, the creator of TRUECRYPT is urging everyone to re encrypt their private data with anything else, and abandon TRUECRYPT. The general belief is that the NSA is probably all over the creators of TRUECRYPT, and they can't come out and...
  4. Communications
    Ramsey kit makes a simple scramble/descambler using voice inversion for 50$, includes info on hooking into a radio transceiver. I'd love to get a hold of some deprecated XOR voice encrypted units for military radios, interface them...
  5. Communications
    I did do a search for threads on this and could not find any, so here goes. Since FCC rules prohibit "encryption" on the Ham bands how is this legal? Or is it? original article here:
  6. The Tech Zone
    Here's an app that uses end-to-end encryption for phone calls. I believe it's 256-bit AES. Here's how it seems to work: Person 1 (let's call him Joe) opens RedPhone on his Android phone. He scrolls through his contacts, and taps on his buddy Fred's name. The phone sends a text message to...
1-6 of 7 Results