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  1. Oregon
    Last election, Bloomberg bought our electorate, including an unelected Governor for 600k, and we promptly got SB941. This election, he has given Kate Brown's campaign $250k. If she is elected we can look forward to more CA styled laws. Like an outright ban on AR styled rifles, and a 10rd...
  2. General Discussion
    The disturbingly shocking HBO documentary HACKING DEMOCRACY bravely tangles with our nation's ills at the heart of democracy. The film the Diebold corporation doesn't want you to see, this revelatory journey follows tenacious Seattle grandmother Bev Harris and her band of extraordinary...
  3. Controversial News and Alternative Politics
    FMLN candidate (El Salvadoran Communist party) says, "I'm just like Obama.",2933,508864,00.html You know, I believe him :thumb:
  4. General Discussion
    Illinois Governor Taken Into Federal Custody The Chicago Tribune is reporting that Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich was pulled from his home in Chicago and put in federal custody Tuesday morning. Tuesday, December 09, 2008 Gov. Rod Blagojevich was arrested at his North Side home...
  5. Religious Discussion
    Great article by Constitution Party Candidate for President... Chuck Baldwin.
  6. General Discussion By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet. Posted March 21, 2008. As the board of election in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, where Cleveland is located, launches an investigation into illegal crossover voting in the state's 2008 presidential primary, a big open question...