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    If you are undecided or just sick of picking the lesser of 2 evils please consider voting for Gary Johnson and freedom. This makes your votes more important if you live in a state that you live is going one side or the other with or without you. If Gary Johnson can get just 5% of the overall...
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    Came across this today. Is this real or a joke? if its real its ballsy as hell. :thumb:
  3. Political News and Discussion
    Interesting Stats. READ THE SUMMARY! Democratic-blue Republican-red Professor Joseph Olson of Hemline University School of Law, St. Paul , Minnesota , points out some interesting facts concerning the Presidential election: Number of States won by: Democrats: 19...
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    A pamphlet for distribution to Patriots. Right Click to download the pdf or Left Click to Open It.
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    While watching some of the debates, and I did not watch too many of them - I did not hear either candidate offer a real solution to a real problem. Usually the answers were along the lines of "tax cut" this or "tax cut" that. Taxes have an effect on this nation, but the president is just one...