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  1. Texas on edge of another lockdown

    According to Wikipedia Texas has the 10th largest economy in the world, and the second largest in the United States. Yet here we are again looking at another lockdown. It tears at my heart all of the out of work people, all...
  2. Where do you stand as to coronavirus?

    Where do you stand as to coronavirus?
  3. 100,000+ Dead, Walmart Finally Tells Employees To Wear Mask

    What kind of alternate reality do managers and upper management live in? Europe alone hit 100,000 dead, and the worlds largest retailer finally tells employees to wear mask. Then again, didn't the CDC say wearing mask in public did not help prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Why do companies...
  4. No Acquired Immunity

    Coronavirus It seems that catching it and recovering doesn't mean that your body remembers how to make the antibodies. Even catching the...
  5. Asymptomatic threat is worse than expected

    Coronavirus By now most of us know about the Roosevelt carrier. Some numbers. 4800 crew. 94% testing complete. 600 tested positive. 60% who...
  6. Coronavirus continues to mutate - possible teotwawki

    Coronavirus continues to mutate. This time there is speculation a mutation in India would kill research efforts for a vaccine. I hope all this speculation is wrong.
  7. Anyone "essential" and still working?

    I'm considered essential, thankfully I retire on the 17th and I'm out of that rat hole I used to call work for good. Management revealed that we have 26 + cases at work so far, between 3 facilities in the NYC area. The 3rd in my building, they tried to hide it from the 2nd shift work force...
  8. Food Production Disruptions?

    Tyson shut a pork plant this week after two dozen workers fell ill and now it has sick workers at a chicken plant. Cargil shut a beef plant in Pennsylvania. Time to fill your freezer with meat while it's still available...
  9. What if Covid-19 mutates, and comes back this fall, more deadly?

    I was researching the history of the 1918 Spanish Flu. Turns out, it was first observed in March 1918 as a mild flu, lots of US Soilders training to serve in WW1 were affected, and most recovered. These soilders were then sent to...
  10. How Can The Coronavirus Situation Get Worse?

    When trying to solve a difficult problem, one solution is to brain storm how to make the problem worse. We write down ideas how to make the issue worse, then figure out the opposite solution to each suggestion. The opposite solution being a proposed answer. This type of tool is used in forms...
  11. Coronavirus incubation period brings threat to rural areas

    Part of my prepping strategy was based on a new disease having a typical 10 day incubation period. Hopefully before someone decided to bring their family yo the lake or local park they would be feeling bad and decide to stay home. The Coronavirus 21+ day incubation period is a game changer...
  12. Prep shortfall / Lessons Learned / Hindsight ***MERGED HERE***

    With all the rumblings coming from top medical professionals today, it sounds like a national or regional quarantine is possible. If you had an opportunity to go to the grocery store one last time before state sponsored quarantine, what would you buy that would fit into an SUV or pickup?
  13. The sheep are talking on Facebook

    Was reading a post on FB saying people with Costco & Sam's Club carts full of toilet paper and paper towels are stupid. And then the comments that followed were stupid - to a prepper. I showed a friend of mine one time a closet full of paper towels and toilet paper and all he could say was "Now...