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    I haven't seen this film yet but thought I'd share the trailer.
  2. General Discussion
    AP source: Intelligence director to resign AP * Buzz up!7 votes * Send o Email o IM * Share o Facebook o Twitter o Delicious o Digg o Fark o Newsvine o Reddit o StumbleUpon...
  3. Vehicles & Transportation
    All you preppers out there waiting to buy the ultimate bug out vehicle get ready! The U.S. military announced that it will no longer buy Hummers. They will now use only MRAPS in the field. So surplus Humvees should soon...
  4. Firearms General Discussion
    This is a copy of my recent correspondence to Congressional staffers involved in an investigation where a Congressional committee ordered DOD to halt the destruction of brass. :( "I am an Army Reservist stationed at Fort Jackson, SC This week I was required to take the Fort Jackson Ammunition...
1-4 of 5 Results